Henry’s Outfits

My favorite outfit, now complete with matching socks, courtesy of Evan.
Little blue stars

Here’s one from Aunt Tracey. Do you think we bore him with these fashion photo shoots?
Do not feed Freddy

Last weekend it was cool enough to get away with this cute outfit, courtesy of Mr. Finn.
Festive Finn Outfit

Also, we got this bunny from the T’s – thanks Mom and Dad T!! If you look closely, you’ll notice his name is embroidered in Bunny’s ear.
Henry’s Bunny

  1. Trace’s avatar

    He is so darn cute!! And yes he does seem bored by the photo shoots,but you have to capture the moments while you can, while he is tiny still.

  2. Cristin’s avatar

    Ooooh I can’t wait to see what he’s wearing Friday night:D

  3. Monica’s avatar

    He looks “model” beautiful in the photo in the car seat. I love seeing Dave with his Little Man, too!!!!!!

  4. admin’s avatar

    Thanks for the picture you sent over, Tracey!