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I [heart] Davids · Dogs


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Baby Videos

Listen closely to hear Lindsay say “Git ‘er”

Henry had such a great day yesterday. Unfortunately, this morning he seems to be having quite a lot of teething pain – I think his molars are on the way in. He’s also had three blowouts since yesterday, probably due to either the antibiotic he’s on, the teething or both. We’ve already had to do three three loads of his laundry!

Last night we had lovely fondue for our Valentine’s dinner. It was so yummy. I love getting fed all this great food. Lindsay is a great cook and a great hostess. I enjoy being here so much because of the laidback attitude everybody has. I haven’t had my shoes on since I first got here, because we’ve just hung around the house all day long. It’s been very relaxing.

Today there’s not much more on tap other than some more good food and perhaps some more drinking. Perhaps a little hair of the dog will make my headache go away. 🙂

Vacation Videos

Working Dogs

Yesterday, when I left for work, this fun license plate was parked at my house.
Working Dog

Andy, from Working Dog Construction, was there to install our long-awaited tile backsplash in the kitchen. I am delighted! Look how good it turned out.

Tile Backsplash Stove

Tile Backsplash Door

Tile Backsplash Sink

I love how industrial it looks. I’m hoping it will give us more cachet in the kitchen. 🙂 I especially love the way he brought the tile down to the floor alongside of both cabinets. Makes me want to tile the entire kitchen down to the floor!! but I’ll restrain myself.

I would highly recommend Andy for all your tile needs. He’s very easy to work with and loves cats and dogs. Check out his website, or get one of his cards from me.




The star of the show, of course, is little Evan. We spent the weekend entertaining him and he is just cute as a button. He is a water baby and loved time with the pool and the hose. While we were there, he ate his first piece of meat (deli turkey), had his first piece of toast, and said his first word (cow). He is definitely a handful but clearly a delight to his proud mama and papa. Speaking of which, here are our happy hosts at our lunch at the Salt Lick, an Austin-area institution.

A lovely dinner Monica prepared for us!

Giving Fin the love he deserves

Grayson getting the same love

We had a great, very relaxing time and loved seeing Scott, Monica, Evan and the whole farm!

Austin, Part 2

I like to jokingly refer to their place as “the Ark” becuase they have so many pets and other animals. Now that they have little Evan Almighty, it’s perfect!! They have a few indoor pets: three dogs and two cats. Nina and Fin are chihuahuas, while Grayson is this teeny little miniature of a regular dog. Seymour  is a total snugglepuss and ferocious player. Alabaster didn’t make it into the pictures somehow.


Grayson and Fin


The newest addition to their flock is, well, a flock. Five bantam chickens named Eleanor, Abigail, Chester, Teddy and Lucy. Chester and Teddy are roosters, and it’s still out for decision exactly what Abigail is. A prize for whomever can guess the naming convention for the chickens.

There are also seven baby chickens that Monica allowed to hatch. They’ll join the rest of the flock in a few weeks. The best part about these chickens (besides the incessant crowing) is their cute feathered feet – how adorable. We enjoyed a bunch of fresh Banty eggs while we were there – yum! I wonder if our covenants forbid raising chickens??

Abigail and Chester

Lucy laying an egg


Baby Chicken with feathery feet

Farewell to Emma


My friend Lindsay let me know sad news today. Sweet, sweet Emma lost her battle with a brain tumor.
She was such a sweet dog and I loved her so. When I would visit Lindsay, she would sleep on the bed with me until she got so hot she couldn’t stand it. Sometimes she’d sleep outside my door, protecting me from intruders.
She will be missed by her family, Lindsay, Tim, Max and Fred.




Dog Sitting

We are dogsitting Maggie, who belongs to a guy I work with. Maggie is an 80-pound Bull Mastiff and she is the sweetest thing! We are happy to host her for a few days. She has been great with the cats. Non-threatening, and really giving them their space. They’ve been acting like fraidy-cats, but they’re slowly emerging from their hiding places.





Wonderful Massage!!

I had a wonderful massage tonight! I went to see Laura Landsiedel at Hands on Health because my back has been sore since our trip to Chicago in September. I like to see Meridith normally, but she wasn’t available (sorry Meri!) so I made an appointment with Laura because I know she rocks!

I had forgotten that Tuesdays and Thursdays offer a special treat at Hands on Health – Mocha accompanies Laura on all her visits! I hadn’t met Mocha before so it was great! What a sweet dog, so calm and loving and soft to pet!!

I had a great massage, a nice deep tissue, medical massage that I think really relaxed my back muscles. I am hoping I’m cured, or nearly there.

Mocha spent the entire session lying quietly at the foot of the bed, looking much like this:
If you’re looking for a massage therapist, go see Meridith or Laura!