I [heart] Davids It helps me to say these things aloud, I think.

May 26, 2011

Low: A new high

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Cristin gave me this beautiful piece of handmade artwork for Christmas.

I just framed it today. It looks amazing, frankly, with the peeking yellow mat and hot pink aluminum frame. Go me, and go Cristin!

Framed 'Low' Art

Thanks, boo!

(Get one for yourself.)

May 22, 2011

Recent Photos

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Some recent pics of the boys, more Linus than Henry. Henry must be harder to photograph because he never stops moving. I realized in looking at the recent pictures on the camera that we take an awful lot of pictures of Linus with contraband in his mouth. So I included a pic of some of the items we’ve had to remove from circulation. There is also one picture of Henry and Hudson (and Mike) watching a fox in our back yard! Kudos to Henry for spotting the little fella out there.

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