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2011 Fall Update

I’m busy so the blog doesn’t get a lot of attention. So sorry! I have about 10 free minutes so I’m going to try to get out an update. If you get this, that means I was successful!

Linus is now 1 and a half years old! He is doing great. He is very happy and healthy, and the trauma and drama of his first year seems like a distant memory. In the “awesome news” department, we went to see the Orthopedic surgeon recently to check out Linus’s hip, and he said that Linus is doing great and won’t need to be seen for a year. Yay!!! The only other thing on his medical horizon is the recent confirmation that he is allergic to eggs. In addition, we also found out that he’s allergic to nuts, tree nuts, dogs and cats. Other than a few colds this summer and some bouts with teething pain, he has been very healthy. His stats from his 18 month check up:

  • Weight: 26# 13 oz
  • Height: 32.5″
  • Head: 18.25″

He is happy and smiley and he loves to dance and play peek-a-boo. He is fairly stubborn and will throw a long fit if not given his way. We stopped the bottle at 16 months and now he’s fully transitioned to table food. He’s finally started eating fruits, which is exciting for me. He has lots of words and will follow instructions. He will helpfully throw things in the trash can and put away his dirty laundry. He loves to play outside and go for walks. He loves trains and cars and dogs and cats. He always tries to do what Henry is doing. He loves to snuggle on the couch watching Sesame Street. He is obsessed with Elmo. He is really a terrific little guy and we’re having a great time getting to know him better. We think he’s pretty awesome.

Henry is now 3 and a half years old. He is just amazing. He is really starting to mature and is having less of the behavior problems we saw around 3YO. He takes very good care of his brother and watches out for him. He is a fluent speaker and expresses himself very well. He knows so many things, and everyday learns more. He is counting well and learning all of his numbers and letters. He is a very sociable child and plays well with the other children in his class. He is a good listener and helps around the house with daily chores. He loves watching TV and he is still fascinated by the Cars movie. His favorite toys are his wooden train set and his Lego’s. He’s been to a few movies, taken a real train ride, ridden a cruise boat up the Elizabeth river and just recently got to spend an impromptu hour at the beach. We think he’s pretty awesome, too.

Dave is doing good as well. He’s coming up to speed in his new job and keeping very busy. I’m doing well at work, though it seems like I’m out half the time with sick kids. We try to stay focused on the important things like making time to have fun with the kids and each other. We recently got to see Wilco and Nick Lowe in concert, and we also celebrated our 9th anniversary. Simply put, we’re happy.

We’ve had a pretty busy summer of visitors, so I haven’t been able to keep up blogging with all the visits. Here are photos from Leslie and Vince’s trip in July. We were pretty lazy about taking pictures. Most of these photos are from a trip to Duke Chapel, the Sarah P. Duke Gardens, and the Durham Life Science Museum.

Duke Gardens
L&V - Duke Gardens

Duke Gardens Pond

Duke Chapel
Duke Chapel

Life Science Museum
Train at DMLS

L&V onboard the train

Lemurs at DMLS

Henry loves Dave
And his Uncle Vince

We got to visit family in Cleveland last month. It was great to see everyone and catch up. The bonus was that my mom was able to join us for this trip. I think she had a real nice time relaxing and spending time with the extended family. Just wish our visits could be longer!
The grandkids

All photos after the break.
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Hangin’ Around

Some photos of the kids hanging around the house.

Henry and Audrey

Carson's legs

Carson, Audrey, Kate and Henry

Audrey, Kate and Henry

Carson and Henry


Saturday afternoon, Dave’s brother Kevin, his wife Mary, and their three kids all arrived from Cleveland. We are so excited to have them here as most of them have never been here before.

We had a nice chicken dinner last night and waffles for breakfast this morning. The waffles went over better with the kids. 🙂

Today we went to a local park to let the kids run out some energy. They had a great time at the playground.

Tonight Mom and Gene come over for a big family dinner. It’s sure to be a chaotic, fun time!

Some old family photos that I thought were worth sharing. Thanks to Dave for scanning these!

Spent in Virginia Beach with his great-grandmother, his grandmother Jo, and Mommy and Daddy.

Christmas morning with Gangee and Granma Jo

Family Christmas sign

Playing with new table

Opening gifts of alcohol

Mostly interested in bows, though

It was so wonderful to spend Christmas with Granma. Many were spent with her when I was a kid so it was great to get to share this fun time with both Henry and her. Henry loved her gifts and loved spending time with his Gangee!

Raleigh Critmas

Mom and Gene came over to celebrate an early Christmas with us last weekend. We had a lovely beef tenderloin that Dave made, and everyone liked their prezzies!

Merry Christmas Gene!

Merry Christmas Mom!

Merry Christmas Dave and Henry!

Dave made this fabulous beef tenderloin in a salt dough and herb crust. It was nothing short of AMAZING.
Tenderloin, perfectly cooked

The dough casing in which the tenderloin was cooked.
salt dough exterior

Boone Cabin

My mom and I definitely enjoyed the few days we spent at the cabin with Dave and his parents – very relaxing. And it was great for Henry to have three grandparents there to spoil him!

Price Lake, along the Blue Ridge Parkway
Colors at Price Lake

Price Lake with Rhododendrons in foreground

The view from the cabin
The view from the cabin

Henry and me

This is also when we did the dress rehearsal for Henry’s Halloween costume.

Dave, Mom and I recently took a trip to Virginia Beach to visit Henry’s Great-granma. We were celebrating Granma’s 29th birthday by bringing her a fabulous gift: Henry.

We also had a great birthday dinner at Isle of Capri. YUMMY.

Here are some of my favorite pictures, but you can see all of them by clicking here.

Model shot

Me and my mom - see the resemblance?

Is he the same size as Dave’s head?

First view of the ocean

Granma and the fam

The girls plus Henry

Love and kisses

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