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December 24, 2008

Raleigh Critmas

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Mom and Gene came over to celebrate an early Christmas with us last weekend. We had a lovely beef tenderloin that Dave made, and everyone liked their prezzies!

Merry Christmas Gene!

Merry Christmas Mom!

Merry Christmas Dave and Henry!

Dave made this fabulous beef tenderloin in a salt dough and herb crust. It was nothing short of AMAZING.
Tenderloin, perfectly cooked

The dough casing in which the tenderloin was cooked.
salt dough exterior

Amy Visits Henry

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Amy came recently for her annual post-Thanksgiving visit to Raleigh. This year she helped us get and decorate our Christmas tree, extra fun because it’s Henry’s first Christmas tree.

We managed to fit in a trip to the Saucer.
Amy's Flight

Beer for lunch

And then went to get our tree at the Booger Mountain lot we always go to.
Henry's a Booger


And she and I had a great time decorating the tree, especially all the ornaments that she and Ali have gotten for us. Dave mostly made cookies – YUM!!!

Decorated tree

It was a wonderful weekend and I’m so glad that Aunt Amy was able to spend some good quality time with her nef’ie. They seemed to get along quite well.

Looking at the xmas tree

December 21, 2008

More Henry Videos

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I’m currently working on replacing my blog server with a new server, but until I get it up and running, I have a few videos to share with you.

Proof that Henry is cut from the same cloth as his mother – a total gigglebox.

This one is so super funny to me. He was staring at the Christmas tree from the kitchen, and propelled himself a few feet in his exersaucer toward the tree.

Henry attempts to conquer the coffee table.

December 10, 2008


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Henry had a long, hard day yesterday. He bit his tongue and was in some pain. He was feeling better by evening but the stress of the day combined with not enough napping seemed to take its toll on him. He fell asleep during dinner.


December 7, 2008


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Henry’s diet is really starting to expand as he starts table food these days. Here’s an inventory of his menu, aside from all the jarred baby foods he eats, in no particular order.

  • baby yogurt
  • peas
  • green bean
  • cheese (did not like)
  • water and formula from a cup
  • banana
  • avocado
  • rice cake
  • puffs
  • tomatoes
  • peach
  • banana teething biscuit
  • cat hair
  • chicken nugget
  • apple
  • orange
  • steak
  • turkey
  • potato

December 1, 2008

Adorable Henry Photos

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Five teefs

Granpy and Henry

Unky Eric, Henry and Dave


Granma and Henry

Monkey see, monkey do

We had a great time in Cleveland this past week. Leslie’s wedding was gorgeous and beautiful and made me cry, and the reception was a blast. Unfortunately, I had no camera so no photos to show of the handsome couple.

We wound up our week of fun with the drive back home on Sunday. We left Stow at 11:30 AM and got home at 12:30 AM. That’s right, folks, a thirteen hour trip. It should have been about an eight hour drive but we had to stop for Henro multiple times and the traffic was awful. We ended up getting off the highway and taking backroads through some of West Virginia and most of Virginia and Carolina. But we did eventually make it home, safe and sound!

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