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Gordon Lightfoot

I am so excited! Tomorrow Dave and I and our friends Mike and Nicole are all going to see Gordon Lightfoot in concert! I am a huge fan and I’m terribly excited to get to see him in concert. I was raised on Gordon Lightfoot. I know must of his music by heart. He is truly a folk god, and I just can’t get over the fact that we’re going to see him. This is so thrilling for me. I’m gonna cry buckets at the show, most likely.
Plus, he reminds me of my dad. Can you tell which is which?

And yes, they’re both older now, with less hair, but these are my memories we’re talking about here.

The Theory of Relativity

Yet another in the series of music-related flashback posts. I found another tape I’m not sure I can throw away. Two Nina Simone songs, which probably helped fuel my life-long love of the artist (that, and Point of No Return). Rene and Georgette Maugritte. Marc Cohn, Counting Crows, U2. Good stuff!

This one was made by Kara Prosise, probably in high school, but maybe a little bit later than that. I’m sure she expanded my musical horizons. Kara always had a really diverse taste in music, drawn to a capella and classic old jazz as well as current rock and tasty, lightweight pop music.

I’ve seen God…

This is the soundtrack. Cover

Ah, Matthew Berube. Intelligent, erudite, eloquent. Definitely witty. Wonderful penmanship and wonderful taste in music. And heck, pretty dang cute and a snappy dresser, to boot. I was so enamored of him when I first met him, and was shocked when he was interested in dating me. We dated, but I don’t think it ever really counted. He was in college, I was in high school, and he was away a lot. And then it turns out I didn’t know him at all. He had some crazy life in college that I couldn’t understand. I remember that there was some girl he was in love with who raked him over the coals. He didn’t have any shred of emotion left to feel bad for having had that experience at the same time as he was supposed to be dating me. And I remember that he got fired from his job as a gravedigger. I think he thought that was the nadir of his life. I hope he was right about that.

Then, we reconnected when I was in college. He helped me do some research on Hal Hartley for a film paper. Who am I kidding, he did all the research for me. I wrote a paper and got an A minus (and fell hard for Hartley‘s movies, too). Then I sent a copy of the paper to Hartley’s studio. Hal made several notations on the paper and sent it back to me, congratulating me on a job well done. Heh. I still have that as a souvenir.

I always liked Matt, but in some ways felt he was out of my league. In other ways, I felt it was the other way around. It was like it was fated never to be.

Then he went off to Korea to teach English. I figured he would be happy there. I thought he would fit better as an ex-pat over there than a regular Joe over here. And I thought he’d find a nice Korean wife to settle down with. I hope he’s happy.

And then the other day I gave myself an assignment – to listen to all my mix tapes before finally tossing them. This was the first one I pulled out of the case. The first tape Matt made for me. I still have all his old letters (note: if you ever wrote me a letter, chances are I still have it). How can I throw this tape away?

Side A: Moist Songs
Side B: “Louder than Brahms”

Ring Ring

Some of my favorite songs have haunting telephone rings in the background that you can hear if you turn the volume way up. I love that slightly modern incorporation into music.

Life on Mars (David Bowie) 3:52

Steven’s Last Night in Town (Ben Folds Five) 2:54

Know of any other good ones?

Yep, we’ve got plans this evening!



I need a service that keeps me up-to-date with all the stuff I love cuz I never know about things until it’s too late. For instance, I just found out that Billy Bragg is playing tonight at Duke. I would LOVE to go but I can’t. Sad sad sad!!!

Pensive Billy Bragg

I tried to convice Dave that I should go or otherwise I’d have to fly to England to see him, but he didn’t go for it.

Name that Tune

Cristin posted this on her blog. It was fun so I decided to give it a try. See what you can make of it and please do one yourselves because it’s fun!

Step 1: Put your music player on shuffle.
Step 2: Post the first line from the first 20 songs that play.
Step 3: Use italics on the songs when someone guesses both artist and track correctly.
Step 4: Looking the lyrics up on a search engine is CHEATING!
Step 5: If you like the game post your own.
Step 6: Cristin, you’re not eligible to play. Sorry. 🙂

1. Oooooh Weaving down a byroad/ singing the song
2. Pack a pack horse up and rest up here/ on black country rock
3. The return of the thin white duke/ throwing darts in lovers eyes
4. For we’re living in a safety zone/ don’t be holding back from me
5. Sleep on the left side/ leave the right side free
6. Baby, I’ve been/ breaking glass in your room again
7. Had to sing for my supper/ I never help my neighbor
8. Sometimes you get so lonely/ sometimes you get nowhere
9. Cruisin’ mos espa in my delorian/ war’s over I’m a peacetime mandalorian
10. Well it’s a strange old game/ you learn it slow
11. A change of speed, a change of style/ A change of scene, with no regrets
12. Speak to me in your sweet voice/ And take me through another night
13. Do you really wanna run away with me/ Would you really like to run away with me
14. I’ll make you a deal/ like any other candidate
15. A man with haunted eyes showed up at my door last night
16. Now and then it keeps you running/ never seems to die / trails spin with fear
17. I’m an alligator/ I’m a momma poppa comin’ for you
18. Mystery wind, blowin’ tonight/ drivin’ rain, close up tight
19. Sometimes I walk around town lookin at faces / Wondering why their bodies go to silly places
20. I’m sailing down the summer wind/ I got whiskers on my chin/ And I like the mood I’m in

(I swear it was on shuffle.)

Where do you keep your shuffle?


Am listening to the David Bowie station on LastFM. A Roxy Music song just came up, and when the artist changes, the bio information displays for that artist.

As I read this, I finished the sentence in my head…
“…not important.”


How much do you love me?

Gordon Lightfoot is playing at the Thomas Wolfe Auditorium in Asheville on February 12th. Anyone interested?

Since Dan died and David had a birthday, I’m a little nervous about getting to see my treasured idols before they die.
He was in a coma for two months in 2002 as the result of serious illness. And he rarely comes this far south of the border. And this year he turns 70!


I want to go!!


From the David Bowie news page. I am kind of totally psyched about this. Maybe the album more so than the movie. Conjures up nostalgic memories of my dark, depressed high school days…

If I Can’t Control My Destiny

Like many of the musicians of his generation (and beyond) with anything worth saying, Ian Curtis, late singer of Joy Division and subject of new movie, Control, was clearly a huge fan of the work of David Bowie.

The Control OST album, due via Warner on October 3rd, includes three Bowie compositions: Iggy Pop‘s version of Sister Midnight (Bowie/Pop/Alomar) and two Bowie originals: Drive In Saturday (Bowie) and Warszawa (Bowie/Eno).

In fact, Warszawa was the track that inspired Joy Division’s first name, Warsaw.

Additionally, the film itself utilises The Jean Genie to superb effect (please excuse low quality grab below) when the teenage Curtis is shown miming barechested to the song in front of his bedroom mirror.

Curtis, who hanged himself aged 23 in May 1980 while The Idiot played on his turntable, is portrayed brilliantly throughout the film by actor Sam Riley. Likewise, the lonely figure of the tragic singer’s wife, Deborah Curtis, played by Samantha Morton.

Control is the feature length debut of photographer/director Anton Corbijn who was responsible for the best known and more memorable images of Ian Curtis and Joy Division…and he’s taken some pretty impressive pictures of David Bowie too, for that matter.

I’ll leave you with the tracklisting for the Control OST album, which is just about as cool as the movie that The Independent newspaper has already dubbed “The coolest British movie of 2007”.

  1. Exit – New Order
  2. What Goes On – The Velvet Underground + Ian Dialogue
  3. Shadowplay (Joy Division cover) – The Killers
  4. Boredom (Live) – The Buzzcocks
  5. Dead SoulsJoy Division + Rain, Beginning of Dialogue
  6. End of Dialogue + She Was NakedSupersister
  7. Sister MidnightIggy Pop
  8. Love Will Tear Us ApartJoy Division
  9. Problems (Live) – Sex Pistols
  10. Bernard/Ian Dialogue + HypnosisNew Order + Ian Dialogue
  11. Drive In Saturday – David Bowie
  12. Evidently Chickentown – John Cooper Clarke
  13. 2HB – Roxy Music
  14. TV Dialogue + Transmission (Cast Version) – Joy Division
  15. Car Noises + Autobahn – Kraftwerk
  16. Ian/Debbie Dialogue + Atmosphere – Joy Division
  17. Warszawa – David Bowie
  18. Ian Dialogue + Get Out – New Order

Keep an eye on the official Control website which will start transmission soon and will include reviews and pictures from the Edinburgh premiere, and new content including exclusive clips, script excerpts, music, information on advance screenings and lots more.
Total Blam Blam – (BowieNet News Editor)

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