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I [heart] Davids · Alcohol


beer, wine, etc.


Barboursville Cabernet Franc
Thanks, Mike!

Mez Photos

I found them!

OMG I love this outfit!
Very matchy outfit

With Auntie Cristin

He got a bottle while we were there. A bottle of something.
Belly up to the bar

A super fun night out with Cristin! Sadly, these are the only pictures I have.

Dinner at Dos Taquitos
Monster Chickens

Waffles and Champagne for breakfast!
Breakfast of Champions

Cristin’s post, with more pictures, here. Thanks, Ms. Criss!

Auntie Cristin loves Henry


The worst thing about being back at work? Not being able to have a beer at lunch every day.


A fabulous Henry gift from Larry and Hiroe!!!!

Dom Perignon

Pouring the Dom


I’ve compiled some of my favorite pictures from my trip to England.

The Tower Bridge (look familiar?)
London Fun 7

Bill, my and Alba’s host in Cambridge, who indulged me an an hour-long conversation about my favorite British TV shows
London Fun 10

A much deserved beer at the end of a long day of biking around Cambridge
London Fun 1
How much I adore a decent half-pint!

My tower of coasters
London Fun 9

Self-portrait at Picadilly Circus
London Fun 2

Getting attacked by a street performer
London Fun 3

Lovely shadowplay on the Houses of Parliament (courtesy of Alba)
London Fun 4

Self-portrait in front of the Tower Bridge
London Fun 5

An alley cat I made nice with in a pub in Harrow
London Fun 6
See the guy in the back, on the right? Later that day, he gave me his match ticket from the match that had played that day in Wembley Stadium – what a lovely souvenier!

The only rain I saw during my whole trip was as I was about to board the plane home 🙂
London Fun 8

We spent all day Saturday (not Caturday) getting the place ready for the big festivities.

Dave and Eric fill a horseshoe pit with sand.
Kevin assists.
The horseshoe pits are kind of important. Lots of attention focused on getting them just so. They don’t kid around, measured distances between the pits, posts pounded in at an 11 degree angle and all that.
Leslie and Vince watch a game of horseshoes. Vince stole my hat, which I stole from Riley, who stole it from Grampy’s closet.
The view of the house and garage from the horseshoe pits. The main structure you see is actually the garage. The house is behind the tents/canopies. We have tons of tables and chairs and tents and coolers. It should be a good day!

More to come…

With Dave gone, I think I’m a little down and less motivated. I haven’t been very inclined to cook for myself, which I have managed to do in the past when he’s gone. On the way home I knew I had to stop at the grocery if I was going to have any chance of eating a decent meal over the next few days. On spur of the moment, I stopped at Earthfare to get my groceries tonight. I figure I’ve been stress-eating lately, I’d be more productive if I stress-bought!

Here is proof of Dave’s theory that “organic” is code for more expensive.

Jenny came over around noon and we hit the Saucer for lunch and beers. Jenny took advantage of the Fire Sale and had a North Carolina pint and I tried a Bell’s Two Hearted Pale Ale on her recommendation. Tasty! Then we headed to Father & Sons Antiques. I’m sad to say I had to return the record player we had bought. There is something wrong with it, and I think it would cost too much to fix it.
I did buy a fabulous polyester dress that will be perfect for a Christmas party, though! It is not pictured. Instead, below you will see some amazing frock we found – what’s up with that little funny part in the front!?

Sunday morning was breakfast and then a few hours by the pool before meeting Mom and Gene at Fishmongers for a big lunch. Yummy!

We had several rounds of beers, several pounds of shrimp, a dozen steamed oysters and a dozen steamed clams, a pound of steamed crab claws, some broccoli, limas and corn, and two orders of onion rings. Mom and Gene and I each had two oyster shooters, which were quite tasty. Vince couldn’t be convinced to try one. 😉

Both Gene and Vince worked on this steamed oyster for 20 minute until they finally got the little cuss open. Gene said it was mighty tasty.

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