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April 29, 2012

Henry’s Birthday Party

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A belated post with pictures and videos of Henry’s birthday party.

Sunday morning superheroes

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April 14, 2012

I’m Two!

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Linus is two!

Here’s the statistical update from his checkup.

  • Weight: 29 pounds (77%)
  • Height: 35.25 inches (75%)
  • Head: 18.8 inches

He’s a beefy boy. That said, he’s definitely starting to get longer and leaner and he’s losing that baby fat in his face.

He is such a cool dude. He is funny, smart, loving and sensitive. He is learning his letters. He already knows most colors and shapes. And he’s learning how to count. He complains when things are “too loud” even if it’s him that’s being too loud!

He runs as much as he can and loves to throw himself at you for a big bear hug. “Upside down” is another favorite word and he loves it when we hang him by his legs. He makes some very silly expressions, especially if you ask him to make a happy face, or a sad face, or a silly face. He’ll also lay down and pull up his shirt if you ask him to; this way you can blow a raspberry on his tummy. He is such a sweet bundle of love. And he is stinkin’ adorable!

He’s recently moved into a twin mattress on the floor at nights. He’s doing really well. He’s good about brushing his teeth and still happily takes baths. He has definitely hit the “toddler eating” phase, however, preferring only white starchy foods and meat. He does like dried fruit like raisins so we encourage him to eat those when he wants.

Henry and Linus are getting along well these days, and really starting to learn how to play together. Linus is the apple of our eye and we love him so much. We’re looking forward to year three being much more uneventful!

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