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November 29, 2007

Movie Reviews

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Some movies we watched over the holiday weekend.

Fahrenheit 451


Ah, Oskar Werner and Julie Christie. I remember watching this movie in Junior High after reading the book. In a generation, they’ll be able to watch the remake. Sad, they’ll miss out on all the wonderful campyness of the original.

Sadly, the dialogue is a bit tough to understand in some places because of the thick accents. But Oskar is a hottie! I like it. If you know me, you’d know I’d like it. I’d definitely recommend if you’re a sci-fi or bad movie buff like me. But if you can’t take high camp and you’re no fan of futuristic, dystopian tales, avoid.



Adorable chick-flick style movie with no weeping involved. Meg Ryan and Tim Robbins are an oh-so-cute, if unlikely, couple. And even though the first time I saw Walter Matthau in his “Einstein” makeup I thought it very unrealistic, he had me thoroughly convinced of his character by the end of the movie. Really cute, PG movie. Plus, it has Stephen Fry in it! Recommend!



I’d never seen this one before, so I kept expecting something really awful to happen. Nothing ever did! It’s amazing the pace of the movies made just 30 years ago. Audiences today would never put up with a very slow-paced movie with such a simpleplot line, I don’t think. We also wouldn’t put up with that horrible acting! I don’t say that because I didn’t like the movie – it was cute. But the acting was really bad. Is that because the actors themselves were bad, or because of sensibilities back when the movie was made? I don’t know. Anyway, would recommend as a family-friendly movie or for kids. Amazon has a nice review.

Stranger than Fiction


*Sigh* I love Will Ferrell, and it’s so wonderful to see his depth of character in this movie. Dave and I both really liked Maggie Gyllenhaal in Happy Endings, and it was nice to see her again. Something about the romantic parts of the movie reminded me of Dave and I, too, so it was really fun to watch. I give this movie 5 stars! Plus, it has Tony Hale and Queen Latifah in it! Rent it this weekend if you haven’t already seen it!
Stranger Than Fiction

Blades of Glory


Inspired by our first Will Ferrell sighting, we watched this for a second time. Oh man, this movie is non-stop laugh-out-loud funny. Ferrell and Heder do a great job, and you gotta love the off-screen married couple of Will Arnett and Amy Poehler in some of the most fabulous costumes known to professional ice skating. If you haven’t seen this movie, rent it. Now. …What are you waiting for?


Tile Photos

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Andy put up his photos of the tile installation on his website.

November 24, 2007

David Bowie Biography?

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I think maybe Emma Thompson should play David Bowie in a movie about him.


P.S. I love love love Will Ferrell!

November 23, 2007


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I think we might like it. 🙂
Crib Possibility
And it comes in 20 different colors! Yowza!
Crib Possibility 2
Crib Possibility 3
Crib Possibility 4

November 22, 2007

Stuffing (ourselves)

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For the holiday, we’ve got Dave’s parents here and Granma as well. Yay for Mom and Gene, who drove up to Virginia Beach on Wednesday and brought Granma back!

Dad and I

Mom and I polish silver on Thursday morning

Granma and Mom indulge in some waffles for breakfast

It has been such a beautiful day out! The weather was perfect! We spent a few hours on the front porch enjoying the day.

The cats got to enjoy the lovely weather, as well, with a mega-dose of outdoor time on the front lawn, eating grass and chasing leaves in the wind.

Several hours later, we sat down to a lovely Thanksgiving day meal. We had turkey, stuffing, potatoes, green beans, cranberries and chopped salad.



After dinner, and then dessert, everyone collapsed in front of the TV.

What a great day!! Happy Turkey Day to everyone!!

November 21, 2007


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Kermit is co-hosting the movies tonight on Turner Classic Movies!!!

Thinking of you

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You are important, and I think about you lots. I wish we were neighbors. Or at least in neighboring states.

See what I keep on top of my fridge?

Friends Pic

Baby Gifts

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We’ve started getting baby gifts!

This is the first gift we got for the baby, from a co-worker. She took great pains to say the name several times – it sounds funny!!
It’s a lovely, soft blanket in bright colors from IKEA. Yay!

Barnslig Prickar

Then Cristin gave me Toby socks!!!!! What can I even say? LOVES!!!!!!!

Toby Socks

And my friend Alba sent me this adorable fleece poncho from Colombia, along with some soft fuzzy socks for me and coffee for Dave. She thought of the whole family, I’m impressed!


And last, but totally not least, is this ADORABLE sock-cat from Ali. 1) Whoever thought to make a sock-monkey in cat form was SMRT. 2) I think someone’s going to have to start giving me synonyms for “adorable” at some point in the near future.

Sock Cat

Thank you all!!!!

A home for books

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Been meaning to post a picture of our new bookcase for a while now.

It’s enormous, and gorgeous, and flawed in subltle ways that only loving craftsmanship can manage. It’s amazingly heavy. It’s got almost an entire shelf dedicated to sci-fi paperback novels. I love it!

We had it handbuilt by a guy named Jon Shriver. I will give you his number if you want him to build a beautiful bookcase of your very own.

Bookcase 1

Bookcase 2

November 19, 2007


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The perfect sentimental t-shirt.

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