Stuffing (ourselves)

For the holiday, we’ve got Dave’s parents here and Granma as well. Yay for Mom and Gene, who drove up to Virginia Beach on Wednesday and brought Granma back!

Dad and I

Mom and I polish silver on Thursday morning

Granma and Mom indulge in some waffles for breakfast

It has been such a beautiful day out! The weather was perfect! We spent a few hours on the front porch enjoying the day.

The cats got to enjoy the lovely weather, as well, with a mega-dose of outdoor time on the front lawn, eating grass and chasing leaves in the wind.

Several hours later, we sat down to a lovely Thanksgiving day meal. We had turkey, stuffing, potatoes, green beans, cranberries and chopped salad.



After dinner, and then dessert, everyone collapsed in front of the TV.

What a great day!! Happy Turkey Day to everyone!!

  1. Cristin’s avatar

    Happy Thanksgiving!!! How lovely that a) you clean silver with David Bowie and b) your cats don’t run away when let outside

  2. Monica’s avatar

    Your trees are beautiful! Won’t find that kind of color around here. It’s your last Thanksgiving as a twosome. Next year you’ll be three!!!!!!! Yay