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November 27, 2008


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OMG we went to see Twilight and it was awesome and I can’t wait to see it again!! Cristin’s already seen it. At least three times now. I can’t wait to see it again!! She and I will be seeing it again very soon.

Sexy Edward

Here are my few thoughts, after the break.

Amy’s New Flat

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Amy’s new loft is so super awesome! I just loved it and think it’s such a perfect fit for her. Here is my photo tour of her place.

Welcome to my pad!

Local disco art

Peaceful serenity

Sting Art


Etched Ford tile

Berry wall art

The view

Henry gets a haircut

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Henry had his first haircut last week. He was a champ.

This video is long – eight minutes!

Now that you see how awesome Kim is, go patronize her at Lux Salon!

Destin Tourists

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Here are some of the tourist things we saw while in Destin.

The “Whaling Wall” had this great photo of a giant squid attacking a whale.

Dolphins at the Gulfarium.
Three dolphins

A real plane at the Boardwalk at Okaloosa Island.
Crashed in the Amazon

At the Emerald Coast Science Center.
Sitting on a diode

Ali is electric

Destin Trip

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I had a great weekend with Amy and Ali in Destin. It was a funny trip. I flew to Atlanta, then Amy and I drove to Birmingham. The next morning the three of us drove down to Destin. On Sunday, we all drove back to Birmingham, then Amy and I drove back to Atlanta, and I flew home. Still, we had nearly two full days out in Destin.

We didn’t stay in Niceville very long.
Welcome to Niceville

There were a dozen rattlesnakes in this roadside attraction.
Roadside attraction

The bridge over the bay to Destin.
Midbay bridge

At lunch on Friday.
Amy and Jeni

Our condo at Silver Beach Towers.
Living in Safari Style

The view from our porch. You can see the pool, the hot tub and the beach.
Beachside Pool

At Cafe Rendez-Vous on Saturday.
Hanging at the bar

In Seaside.
Us in Seaside


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While in Destin, we stumbled upon a spider. Not unusual, considering Amy was with us, but our encounter did have an interesting twist. This spider was huge, which is what caught our attention. Like, it seemed large enough that we were compelled to take photos of it.

Our interest caught the attention of the rednecks in the bar who wanted to squish it, so I attempted to escort the spider to safety by flicking it away. That’s when we discovered that it wasn’t a huge spider. It was a mother wolf spider and her hundred babies. OMG.

As a mother to another mother, I was so horrified when I realized that I had dislodged all the momma spider’s spider babies. I felt awful.

On the other hand, it was amazing to see this miracle of nature. Amy and Ali assured me that the babies were ready to be on their own and I wasn’t killing a hundred spider babies.

Glistening eyes of spider babies

Babies carried on the back

I have no pictures of the spiderbabies scattered around the sidewalk. We left after that, not sure what the rednecks would do and not wanting to stick around to find out. I’m sure momma spider gathered up her babies and went on her way, and the rednecks went back to karaoke in the bar.

November 21, 2008


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Henry’s putting together his first syllables, and it’s “dadada.” He loves his daddy.

This is crawling

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I think this counts, don’t you?


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Henry gets to see his first snowfall this morning!

snow dusting

November 14, 2008

girls weekend

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Yay! Me and Amy and Ali are in the car heading towards Destin!

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