While in Destin, we stumbled upon a spider. Not unusual, considering Amy was with us, but our encounter did have an interesting twist. This spider was huge, which is what caught our attention. Like, it seemed large enough that we were compelled to take photos of it.

Our interest caught the attention of the rednecks in the bar who wanted to squish it, so I attempted to escort the spider to safety by flicking it away. That’s when we discovered that it wasn’t a huge spider. It was a mother wolf spider and her hundred babies. OMG.

As a mother to another mother, I was so horrified when I realized that I had dislodged all the momma spider’s spider babies. I felt awful.

On the other hand, it was amazing to see this miracle of nature. Amy and Ali assured me that the babies were ready to be on their own and I wasn’t killing a hundred spider babies.

Glistening eyes of spider babies

Babies carried on the back

I have no pictures of the spiderbabies scattered around the sidewalk. We left after that, not sure what the rednecks would do and not wanting to stick around to find out. I’m sure momma spider gathered up her babies and went on her way, and the rednecks went back to karaoke in the bar.

  1. Cristin’s avatar

    Awww. I saw this once in 5th grade coming in from the playground. And the boys were protecting it and told us girls not to mess with it. Nooo problem;)

  2. Stephanie’s avatar

    oh my holy jesus (*#(JI(J#(*RA(!)FR

    That will give me nightmares for at least a week.