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February 27, 2011

Videos! (Henry)

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Recent and older videos of Henry. He really is getting so big.


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We got the boys a playset this week! We are so excited to be able to just open up the back door and let them run outside to play. It has a two-story fort with open rails on the top. You access the top fort by either the gangplank or wavy slide. The bottom floor has a nice wooden floor with two half-height walls with a little counter and two solid walls with little windows. There is also a three-position swing set. It is a super awesome playset; we are really very pleased.

We worked with Mark at Backyard Playgrounds, who we highly recommend. They work with you to design a playset that meets your needs, they have a great warranty, and they are reasonably priced. Give them a call if you’re in the market for a new playset!

Videos! (Linus)

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Some recent (and older) videos. 🙂

Double H Birthday

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Recently we had a big party to celebrate Henry’s and Hudson‘s birthdays. Hudson is Henry’s best friend. They have birthdays a month apart so we decided to party together. It was a blast! We booked the party room at Tots to Teens, where they have what might be the world’s largest playset.

Some of Henry’s best buddies were there. The kids went crazy running up, down, and all around the playset. We kept it simple with PB&J and snacks for the kids and pizza for the adults. And there were some fun beverages available for adults, as well! We cut into the cake early into the party so the kids could burn off all the sugar.

The cakes were handmade by our neighbor and good friend Jackie at Jackie Force Cake Art and featured the boys favorites, Buzz and Woody.

February 6, 2011

Diapering in a spica cast

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This informative post is just a record of how we diaper Linus in his spica cast.

We use a size 2 inner diaper and a size 5 outer diaper. We also use an extra-large Poise pad in the diaper (only at night) and a cotton coil as a dam. For the Poise pad, we cut through the back to allow the inner diaper to soak up urine as well. The pad goes farther into his cast than the diaper does for overnight protection. We place the cotton coil in as a dam against leakage and it goes all the way around the opening, double in some places. Once the coil, pad and inner diaper are in place, then we put on an outer diaper to protect the cast, his groin, and as a last ditch effort to absorb any leaks.

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