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I [heart] Davids · Birthday


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A belated post with pictures and videos of Henry’s birthday party.

And then

Two years ago today, we were doing this.

Can you imagine

Four years ago, this is what we were up to:

3 Year Old Henry

My little baby is three! And he’s not a little baby anymore. He’s a big boy. He is getting so long and losing more of his baby fat. His stomach still sticks out farther than his chest, thank goodness.

Here are his stats:

  • Weight: 30.8#
  • Height: 36.25″

How do I describe this kid? He’s awesome. He is super smart, very sweet, obedient, funny, articulate, curious. His vocabulary is just amazing. He knows so many things, and asks tons of questions about those that he doesn’t. He can count to 10 well, and recognizes both letters and numbers. He loves to read, and be read to. He loves to kick balls and “play soccer.” He loves his little brother. He is a champ when it comes to Lego building. He has very imaginative play with his toys, and can play for an hour by himself when he’s engrossed in his creative imagination. He also loves to help me cook.

He puts his dirty laundry in the laundry basket and hangs his towel up after his bath. He brushes his teeth. He clears his dishes after dinner and asks to be excused. He goes to sleep at night with his door open and stays in his room. He’s really a good kid.

Except for all the times he isn’t, of course. He has a tendency to be whiny, stubborn, intractable, destructive, and just plain bad. But the good definitely outshines the bad in this kid.

I love him so much. I enjoy being with him so much. He is really, really terrific and I adore him. Happy birthday, little man.

1 Year Old Linus

Linus has turned one, and what a year it has been! It is still a little surprising for Dave and I that there is not yet another surgical procedure or medical issue looming in the future. Aside from some waiting to determine if his hip dysplasia is corrected or not, he is as healthy as a kid could be.

  • Weight: 23# 3oz (60th %)
  • Height: 29.5″ (40th %)
  • Head: 18 1/8″ (40th %)

Linus is a very happy baby. As we see more signs of his personality, we are seeing a few more aspects of his emotional tempermant. He gets very angry when something he likes is taken away from him. He gets shy whenever new people are around, but in a flirty kind of way, not like he’s really scared. He seems to be pretty attached to me at the moment. He loves books and putting objects into containers. He has a great time with all his toys.

His motor skills are really developing, especially for someone who was in a cast for three months. He’s got an amazing throwing arm; he throws balls better than Henry does. And now, six weeks out of his cast, he is finally crawling on all fours!! (He has been dragging himself around, quite speedily, while he had the cast and since then.) He is also pulling up to stand on everything and crawling over everything. This morning he climbed up to the fifth stair for the first time ever!

His appetite is phenomenal; we have to cut him off because he doesn’t know when to quit. But his taste buds are not so much like Henry’s. He is a “meat and potatoes” kind of guy. He rejects almost all fruit and prefers crunchy, savory snacks. Since we don’t always have hamburger casseroles waiting in the wings, sometimes he can be a challenge to feed! He still takes a bottle in the mornings and at night. He is quite a messy boy with a sippy cup.

He is a sweet, sweet little baby and I do love him so. I am so lucky to have him in my life.

Double H Birthday

Recently we had a big party to celebrate Henry’s and Hudson‘s birthdays. Hudson is Henry’s best friend. They have birthdays a month apart so we decided to party together. It was a blast! We booked the party room at Tots to Teens, where they have what might be the world’s largest playset.

Some of Henry’s best buddies were there. The kids went crazy running up, down, and all around the playset. We kept it simple with PB&J and snacks for the kids and pizza for the adults. And there were some fun beverages available for adults, as well! We cut into the cake early into the party so the kids could burn off all the sugar.

The cakes were handmade by our neighbor and good friend Jackie at Jackie Force Cake Art and featured the boys favorites, Buzz and Woody.

Happy Birthday to Me!

What a fabulous birthday week I’ve been having! Dave started it off right on Sunday with birthday cake and prezzies. The birthday cake was a “Peppermint Patty” cake. Four layers of chocolate cake, two layers of icing, two layers of peppermint ice cream with M&Ms, and whipped chocolate icing all around the outside. HEAVEN!

And for my birthday I got a CD I’d been wanting (Colin Hay: Man @ Work), two gorgeous pictures of me and my little men, and a Netbook, affectionately named Dean.

Amy sent a package full of goodies that Henry helped me open this morning. And he had lots of fun popping the bubble wrap! Dave’s mom gave me some comfy slipper socks that are infused with aloe. My mom gave me 4 bottles of nice wine and some cash (yeah!). My granma sent me a check and I also got a Caribou gift card. Speaking of Caribou, I had to stop by this morning to take advantage of the free cup of coffee they gave me because it was my birthday! Woot!!!

We recently celebrated Granma Jo’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Granma Jo!

Two Years Old

Henry has just turned two. It is hard to believe how much time has passed. He is such a fabulous little boy and really a source of joy in our lives. When he’s not acting like the devil, of course.

Here’s the statistical update from his two-year checkup.

  • Weight: 26#, 6 oz. (28th percentile)
  • Height: 34.25″ (43rd percentile)

His personality is really starting to shine through. He is a sweet-natured boy with a tendency to be a bit shy, but once he’s warmed up can be a little hard to contain. He is learning manners, learning to share, learning to speak in sentences, learning to count, even learning to be potty trained with the help of his new teachers.

Some of his favorite things include airplanes, trucks and cars, animals, and playgrounds. Pretty standard for most toddlers. He brushes his teeth twice a day like a good boy and puts his dirty laundry in the hamper after his bath. He generally puts his toys away before we go to bed for the night. He loves, loves, loves to read. He has lots of books that he likes, too many to mention.

He is a good eater, not usually too picky. Last week he devoured handfuls of the Tortilla Pie Dave made us for dinner. His favorite foods are black olives, fruit of any kind, avocados, mommy’s homemade tofu smoothies, cheese, pasta, beans. He loves to run, climb and jump. He can be fearless. He adores his daddy and loves his mommy. He is getting longer and leaner each day. He’s slowly turning into a little boy. It’s a bit nerve-wracking, being in control of his development and shaping his future. Dave and I are committed to doing the best we can by him.

Two years ago today, a few hours ago, our little man Henry was born. What a thrilling event! And here we sit on the eve of another little boy’s entrance into the world. It has been such a joy to be able to experience Henry from maternity to his second birthday.

This morning when I went in to get him up, he was sitting in his bed, reading a book to himself. What a little treasure. Happy Birthday, son. We love you so much!!

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