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I [heart] Davids · David Bowie

David Bowie

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How can this really be David Bowie’s only son? He’s so…not hot. Sorry, Duncan Zowie. You just don’t have what your daddy does.

The Jones Family

Duncan Jones is a space dork

One Artist

A silly Facebook meme that took too long, so I’m cross-posting.

Using only song names from ONE ARTIST, cleverly answer these questions. Naturally, I chose David Bowie.

Are you male or female: Pallas Athena

Describe yourself: Always Crashing In The Same Car

How do you feel about yourself: Can’t Help Thinking About Me

Describe where you currently live: A New Career In A New Town

If you could go anywhere, where would you go: Fantastic Voyage

Your best friend is: Soul Love

How you feel about your ex: Dodo

Your favorite color is: Golden Years

You know that: Speed Of Life

What’s the weather like: Chilly Down

If your life was a TV show, what would it be called: Moonage Daydream

What is life to you: Sound And Vision

What is the best advice you have to give: Hang On To Yourself

If you could change your name, what would it be: Algeria Touchshriek

Your favorite food is: We are Hungry Men

What do you wish other people would do: Sell Me a Coat

My husband is so awesome, but y’all already know that. This Christmas he gave me a plethora of David Bowie items.

First I got Hugo Wilcken’s Low: 33 1/3. I am very eager to read this!

Low 33 and a third

Then he got me the Criterion Collection of The Man Who Fell To Earth. I have been wanting and coveting this disc since Cristin got hers. Now I’ve got mine!!!

Criterion Collection

Last but certainly not least, he got me this fabulous Heddon Street wall calendar. It’s very spot-on because of my trek to Heddon Street the last time I was in London. It’s all the alternate shots that were taken the night they took the photograph that wound up on the cover of “The Rise and Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars.”

Calendar back cover

It includes David’s birthday clearly marked on January 8th!
Mr. Bowie's Birthday!

And best of all, it’s not for sale in the states! Please don’t send my hubby to jail! 🙂
Do not sell in the US!

Happy Birthday, David Bowie!

Ziggy Stardust

Cristin and I finally got around to watching Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars this week, which was quite excellent.
sweet cheeks

We had yummy pizza dinner and Cristin got to feed Henry. She brought him this amazing shirt that she made, featuring Hank the Tank.

Hank the Tank

All of her pictures are here.

Bowie Best

Here’s my list of favorite Bowie songs. This is the CD I’d make you if you wanted an introduction to David’s music.

  • Five Years
  • Cygnet Committee
  • London Boys
  • Dig Everything
  • Win
  • Young Americans
  • Let Me Sleep Beside You
  • The Gospel According to Tony Day
  • Candidate
  • Be My Wife
  • Breaking Glass
  • Fantastic Voyage
  • Strangers When we Meet
  • Wild is the Wind
  • Black Country Rock
  • Moonage Daydream (A. Corns)
  • Life on Mars
  • Quicksand
  • Boys Keep Swinging
  • Station to Station
  • Ashes to Ashes
  • God Only Knows

I’m not sure that would all fit on an 80 minute CD, so if I made you this CD it might be a bit shorter. But in a perfect world…

Now, here’s Cristin’s list.

  • Time
  • Watch That Man
  • Teenage Wildlife
  • Moonage Daydream
  • Sweet Thing/Candidate/Sweet Thing (Reprise)
  • Let Me Sleep Beside You
  • Strangers When We Meet
  • Secret Life of Arabia
  • New Career in a New Town
  • Red Sails
  • The Wedding Song
  • Slow Burn
  • V-2 Schneider
  • Boys Keep Swinging
  • Station to Station
  • Suffragette City
  • See Emily Play
  • New Killer Star
  • John I’m Only Dancing

currently watching…

Oh look!

Someone made me a cake!
More cake!
But why is he blowing out my candles for me…?

Damn the Internets

Damn, I wish I could show you the cold opening for Ghosts of the Sungrasso. Maybe I’ll film it on my camera so I can share it with you. It’s SO awesome. Read about the musical references here.

Painstakingly transcribed, here are the first few minutes of the show:

[Somewhere over the Bermuda Triangle, 1969]

{Major Tom’s spaceship hurtles towards the earth}

Major Tom: I can’t keep it together, Doctor Venture. I’m sorry about the TVC-15.

{Jonas Venture stands on the deck of his ship}

Jonas Venture: Tom, I’m not worried about that tin can. I’m worried about you!

MT: I’ve got a message for the Action Man.

{Venture looks across the deck towards the Action Man}

JV: He’s listening, Tom. Go ahead.

MT: I’m happy, hope you’re happy too. I’ve loved all I’ve needed love.

{Action Man cries}

JV: Don’t talk like that, Tom. You’re gonna make it. Fight it!

{Tom lets go of the controls and visibly relaxes.}

MT: I’m feeling very still. I think my spaceship knows which way to go. Tell my wife I love her very much.

{Venture looking more and more upset}

JV: She knows!

JV: Ground control to Major Tom. Your circuit’s dead, there’s something wrong! Can you hear me, Major Tom? Major Tom!

{Major Tom’s ship crashes into the ocean.}

AM: Ashes… to ashes.

I was inspired to dress up as The Action Man for Halloween one year, but I thought it was just too random for even most of the hardcore fandom to get.

Here’s what David Bowie looks like on The Venture Bros.

David Bowie in The Venture Bros.

Recently discovered GirlProps, thanks to a magazine on Ele‘s coffee table.

Guess who’s getting this choice little number?
Do what Ziggy says!


Thank goodness Henry came early! It meant that Cristin and I got to keep our Labyrinth date at the Colony. Hoooray for popcorn and beer!!!
Labyrinth Opening Titles

Cristin was super excited and blogged about her preparations here and here.

We had a terrific time, forgoing our usual dinner at The Bull and Bear for more face time with Henry.

Look how freaking cute we three are.

Cristin has lovingly documented our experience here. Read her post – it’s good stuff.

Here are a few of my fave scenes from the movie:

Ballroom Scene

Just love me, fear me, do as I say

Why does she always ruin her chance

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