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May 31, 2009

Virginia Beach Visit

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Great-Granma & Henry

Some photos of our visit to Virginia Beach to see my Granma, Henry’s Great-Granma.

Museum play area

Scooting around

Chin tickles

Peace Offering

Granma Cooking

Dumpling Dinner

Three Generations

May 30, 2009

Granny Jo

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Henry and his Granny Jo at dinner.

Henry’s been bringing this book around so you can read one or two pages to him. Then he’ll take it to someone else. He tries to sit on your lap and everything. Cute! The Hungry Caterpiller

Communicating with the neighbors in the window.
Neighbors in the window

Virginia Aquarium

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A visit to the Virginia Aquarium.

Funny Henry

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Roadie outfit, courtesy of Aunt Amy
Roadie Gear

Encouraged by his Granny Jo
Playing with his food

New Snack Location
Snack location

Snack Time

Durham Life & Science Museum

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A trip to the Life & Science Museum to find somewhere fun for Henry to play. Henry received several compliments on his Dharma jumpsuit.


dry ice machine

Some Pig

Henry & Dave

Watching lemurs

Watching brown bears

Brown Bears

Memorial Day Cookout

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We had a lovely cookout last Sunday with a few friends and assorted munchkins. Thanks for coming!

Beaney was the first guest to arrive, with his fabulous guacamole, followed shortly after by my mom, who brought nearly a bushel of fresh corn on the cob. Sawyer, Shannon and Steve dropped by from next door. Jim, Tammy, Cooper and baby Claire all showed up rarin’ to go, and Rob, Mandy and Madeleine joined us. Cristin came and brought deviled eggs, which disappeared very quickly. Sawyer and Henry each ate two deviled eggs! And Dan, my friend Bob’s brother, who just moved to the area for his new job also came.

We had so much food and everyone ate ’til they were stuffed silly. The kids loved playing in the wading pool and climbing on the Kangaroo Climber. Then Dave broke out the sprinkler and Henry went C-R-A-Z-Y. Both Henry and Cooper (17 months) tried their first ear of corn and they both loved it! In the evening, Henry and Cooper took a bath together so Jim and Tammy could stay a little longer. Dave and I were both exhausted at the end of the day! To read more about Henry’s exploits and see more of his pictures, visit Cristin’s blog.

Food and drinks


Mom and baby Claire

Corn cob

Henry and Jeni

May 24, 2009

Meet Hazel

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Hazel cleaning

Recently I picked up a brand new iRobot Roomba 560 on the cheap. I named her Hazel and I love her. She keeps my floors so clean!!

Every day she cleans a different room. She sucks up the miles of cat hair and Jeni hair that litter the house and I just have to dump her wastebin every so often.

Henry knows how to start Hazel, too.

Henry & food

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Lately we’ve been trying to make sure that Henry eats what we’re having for dinner so we’re not in the habit of making two dinners every night.
Last week that meant chicken curry with peas and rice, spinach pie, tacos, and pizza. He’s doing really well so far. He even held his own taco.


Spinach Pie & Broccoli

Messy Marvin

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My favorite lunch to feed Henry these days is mini pita pockets stuffed with mashed bananas and crunchy sunflower butter. He goes ape for it!

Yesterday I think he ate seven of these little sandwiches. Which are each cut in half so that’s like 14! He is an eating machine.

I was wise enought to anticipate the mess nut butter can make, so he ate half-naked.



The Whole 10 Yards

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Friday, Dave had 10 yards of mulch delivered. He spent all day Friday and most of the day Saturday distributing it through out various plant and tree beds.

Mulch Truck

Dumping Mulch


He really wore himself out getting this done. He did it all in just two days, and the yard looks excellent! We were overdue for mulching the beds. Kudos to Dave for getting it done!

All Gone

Passed Out

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