Messy Marvin

My favorite lunch to feed Henry these days is mini pita pockets stuffed with mashed bananas and crunchy sunflower butter. He goes ape for it!

Yesterday I think he ate seven of these little sandwiches. Which are each cut in half so that’s like 14! He is an eating machine.

I was wise enought to anticipate the mess nut butter can make, so he ate half-naked.



  1. Cristin’s avatar

    ohmyGAWD that’s cute!!

  2. Lindsay’s avatar

    Do you use sunflower nut butter for any particular reason?

  3. JeniQ’s avatar

    I guess we’re still avoiding peanuts… He eats almond butter and sunflower butter. The sunflower butter rocks – tastes really good and it’s crunchy. I don’t care for the almond butter myself.