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July 9, 2007

Super Fabulous Simon Prebble Post/Comment

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YAY!! Simon Prebble commented on my blog, again, this time declaring himself a little more plainly. Read it here. Thanks for the comment, I feel extra special and a little bit famous. 🙂

April 12, 2007

A Mystery, Read by Simon Prebble?

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So, this is weird and strange and all coinkydental.

On March 18th, I posted a blog about Simon Prebble. I attempted to find contact information online, but was not successful. He has no home page, and he’s not obviously reachable through any of the audio book companies that he’s worked for. I was sad, because I wanted to say Hello.

Then I had a genius idea – I had all his old letters, so I could try sending a card to his old address. Yes, the address is over 10 years old, but heck, you never know, do you? So I wrote out a nice card and placed it in the mail on March 27th, a Tuesday.

I kept expecting it to be returned in the mail, but it had not been returned by Friday so I was getting hopeful. Then, on Monday, April 2nd, I got an anonymous post on my blog that just said

Newton’s Cradle…it’s true

I was ecstatic!! He got my card! He followed the link I included! He answered my Wikiality question! Sure, it was an anonymous post, but the timing, the answered question: it was obviously him.

You might imagine my disappointment/confusion/puzzlement then, when on April 4th I received my letter, returned in the mail.
Who was that mystery poster?

March 18, 2007

Caribou Quiz: Who’s the most famous person you know?

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This was the trivia question at Caribou on Thursday. Pretty sweet – $0.10 off your total if you can name the most famous person you’ve ever met. I let the carpooler answer this one because I couldn’t think fast on my feet. She said she met Alexander Haig, I think. Who is the most famous person I’ve ever met? It was funny, there was one name that kept running through my mind: Simon Prebble.

It was 1995, I think. I was flying to Michigan to visit Moe (David Moliterno), a boy I fell in love with by writing letters back and forth while he was stationed in Japan on the USS Independence. I had brought Stranger Music to read on the plane because I was a pretentious English major and I didn’t want to talk to any dunces. The guy next to me raised his eyebrows in impressed, highbrow surprise at my choice. He was Simon Prebble. We talked, I got his card when we landed, and we ended up corresponding for a brief time while I was at college. He was a lovely guy, from what I remember.

I just Googled him this morning. I was pleased to see that he’s really made a name for himself with audiobooks – I love audiobooks! I was also astonished to learn that he’s the inventor of Newton’s Cradle. Is that really true, or is it some crappy Wikipedia fact?

Here’s the head shot he sent me in 1995 and the New Year’s card he sent me in 1996. He was so sweet!

I’m not sure if Simon is the most famous person I know or not. Memory escapes me, and I did have that date with David Bowie….

Simon, I’m so happy to hear you’re doing well, and married in 2003, congratulations! I wish you all the best!

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