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August 29, 2009


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Our neighbors recently got Henry this Bamm-Bamm shirt. How cute, and how fitting!!

Bam Bam with shoe

Bam Bam with headband

Mac and Cheese/Chicken Fried Steak

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Two recent culinary successes!

I made traditional chicken fried steak using some of the cube steak we got from the butcher. I even made pan gravy, and it tasted exactly like my dad used to make. Rounded off with collard greens (canned) and mashed potatoes (made with canned potatoes) and we had a delicious, quick and easy meal!
Chicken Fried Steak

I made Martha Stewart’s classic Macaroni and Cheese 101. OMG it was divine! So so good. Mine even looks better than the picture in the recipe! And the leftovers went quick.
Mac and Cheese

Latest Henry Photos/Videos

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This is a great puzzle we got from Henry’s Granny Sue.

Playing with blocks

Henry and Cayce get along

Reading time
Reading time

Watching planes at the airport
Watching planes

Down the big slide
Down the big slide

Playing with Cayce (very one-sided)
Playing with Cayce

Climbing further than he should (impressive, though)
Climbing further than he should

Sprinkler time with Sawyer
Sprinkler Time

Leslie and Vince Visit

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We’ve had a pretty busy summer of visitors, so I haven’t been able to keep up blogging with all the visits. Here are photos from Leslie and Vince’s trip in July. We were pretty lazy about taking pictures. Most of these photos are from a trip to Duke Chapel, the Sarah P. Duke Gardens, and the Durham Life Science Museum.

Duke Gardens
L&V - Duke Gardens

Duke Gardens Pond

Duke Chapel
Duke Chapel

Life Science Museum
Train at DMLS

L&V onboard the train

Lemurs at DMLS

Henry loves Dave
And his Uncle Vince

Granma Q Visits Henry and has a Birthday

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We were so lucky to have my grandmother (Henry’s great-grandmother) in town for her 84th birthday!! She got to spend lots of quality time with Henry. We even went to the pool one afternoon, it was so relaxing.

Friday was my work-at-home day, so Granma went with Uncle Denny (her brother-in-law) and Aunt Betty out to lunch at her favorite Raleigh restaurant, Kanki. Saturday we got up early and hit the North Raleigh Farmer’s Market with the neighbors. It was pretty hot out so we didn’t stay long.
North Hills Farmers Mkt

Then we headed to The Roast Grill, which we had seen featured on a recent episode of Man vs. Food. I knew that Granma loves hot dogs, so I thought we’d check it out. I was in for a surprise when I discovered how incredibly small a place it is. We got our order to go and had yummy hot dogs at home.
The Roast Grill

Granma spent time with Henry, helping feed him and playing with him in his playroom. She did a real good job of keeping him entertained!
Feeding Henry Breakfast

Lounging at the pool

For her birthday on Sunday, my mom joined us for a big dinner in Granma’s honor. My mom brought over balloons, which were a great hit with Henry. She wore herself out playing with Henry and the balloons.
LOVES baloons

Dinner was sweet potatoes, grilled T-bones and wilted lettuce salad – YUM!
Birthday Dinner

After dinner, Granma got to blow out the candles and enjoy the fabulous cake Dave made, an angel food cake spiked with pineapple and coconut-rum frosting.
Birthday Cake

Then she opened presents, including the candy she got from Jonathan and Dawn (which was also yummy!).
See's Candies Gift

Here’s Granma saying good-bye to Henry on his way to school on Monday.
Time for School

It was a great trip and it was so nice to have her here. I love her so much and I’m so happy to be able to spend time with her.

August 25, 2009

Happy Birthday, Cristin!

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A late shout-out to my buddy Cristin who recently had her last pre-baby birthday. We had a lovely meal at Vivace to celebrate. YUM!

Birthday Girl

August 10, 2009


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Well, the last of them is out the door and gone.

Over the last two weeks, I’ve given away the contents of my worm bins to several people. One fella was retired, quite nice, and made off with a bin full of worms and compost. He seemed pretty excited. Another woman harvested the compost for herself, kept a handful of worms for a mini-bin, and brought me back most of the worms. Then I set up a friend with a bin and worms so she can get her own bin started.

I decided after about 4 or 5 years that it was time for a break. It’s been so hectic around here, I barely have time to look after myself, much less the worms. They did not get a lot of love over the previous 12 months. Also, I felt like our crawlspace needed a break, too. The moth problem was annoying and I never could seem to break the cycle. Perhaps having no food source for a year will rid us of the little buggers.

So, that’s it for a little while for me and vermicomposting. I am happy to have made this decision, and to have come to it on my own. I fully intend to go back to it, maybe when Henry is a little older and can help us feed the worms!

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