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June 30, 2008

Ask, and you shall receive

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I said that it would be good for Henry to start daycare so he’d get exposure to germs.

I guess I didn’t really mean it.

He spiked a 102.9 degree fever on Sunday afternoon. We cooled him with wet washcloths and watched somewhat helplessly as he screamed bloody murder and cried tears for the first time I can remember.
We took him to the doctor that afternoon and he started feeling better with the cooling washcloths and some baby Tylenol. The doctor chalked it up to a virus and not heat stroke, which was what I thought it might be.

He had a bit of a rough night but seemed to be doing great this morning. His fever was gone and he was in a good mood. Dave’s playing daddy-day-care today since Henry can’t go to school.

All in all, it was not the worst experience ever.

June 29, 2008

Fun trashy jewelry

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Recently discovered GirlProps, thanks to a magazine on Ele‘s coffee table.

Guess who’s getting this choice little number?
Do what Ziggy says!

June 25, 2008

Dead bird

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I might kill that cat myself if he keeps killing our songbirds.

Here’s the obituary for my cardinal.

Mr. Cardinal met with a tragic end on Monday, June 23rd, to the shock and surprise of his family. Mr. Cardinal is survived by his mate, and like all cardinals, mated for life. He was also a dear father to three adorable offspring, Cardinal, Junior, and Bubba. Sadly, one of his offspring also died recently, probably due to the same cause.

Dead Cardinal

Daycare Begins

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Henry started daycare this week (henceforth called “school” to make it sound more important).
Here he is in his first-day-of-school outfit.
Ready for school!

It was harder to leave him there than I thought it would be. There was more than one crying baby in the room. Henry was looking around like, “What’s with all the noise?” So was I, frankly. Unlike before I had the baby, however, I understood that most of those babies were crying for a need (hunger, sleep, changing, etc.) and I realized those teachers are all there to meet those needs as quickly as possible. They seemed to be doing a good job of staying focused and on task.

I was able to check on him via in-room video cameras during the day. They’re very low resolution but if you know what he’s wearing, you can spot him.

He’s next to the red thing on the floor
He’s on the yellow semi-circle

He’s in the middle crib on the left
He’s in the middle crib on the left

I was debating trying to obscure the images of the adults and the other children in this room, but I thought, why bother? You can’t see anything anyway! If you are immediate family and you were excited about getting access to the video cameras, I’d get less excited about it. It’s [obviously] hard to see and the technology takes a little fiddling with to get it to work.

All in all, I’m happy that he’s in daycare. I think it’s good for him in more than one way. He learns how to be cared for by new people, he gets socialization, he gets exposed to germs, etc. It was a little tough starting this week, but now that the week is halfway over, I’m feeling more comfortable and confident.

Goodbye Amanda!

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Last week was Amanda’s final week of watching Henry. We were sad to see her go. She took great care of the little man, and us as well. It was so awesome to be able to finish up getting ready in the morning as she took care of Henry. We’ll miss you, Amanda!!

Along with the hat and little socks she got him, she also gave us this parting gift.
What’s in the box?

Three Gymboree Outfits!

How adorable!! The two outfits on the right have bugs on them, my favorite! And the one on the left is terrycloth, which she got especially for him to sop up his daily drool. 🙂

Another brick in the wall

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Yay for Cristin coming over to watch Pink Floyd’s The Wall with me! The Wall by Pink Floyd
Here’s Henry helping us cook.

Henry helps cook

And yay for the yummy dinner we made – chicken, rice and mushroom casserole!
Chicken, Rice and Mushroom casserole

As usual when Cristin comes over, she got to help with Henry’s bath and bedtime routine. We took some liberties with this photo.
Henry lounges in the tub

Cristin’s post is here and more pics here.

June 23, 2008

Thank you Doctor Ferber!

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Yay for Doctor Ferber’s Progressive Waiting approach! We started Thursday night after Dave got in from his trip to Phoenix. I think Sunday night was the hardest. But last night, he barely made a peep during the night at his usual waking times. He went to bed at 8:30 PM and I woke him at 6 AM to feed him. Let’s hope this trend continues!

June 20, 2008


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There’s been a few changes made around here, have you noticed?

Some incredibly helplful friends have helped me migrate my blog to a new domain, www.iheartdavids.com. And I created my new header graphic all by myself!

I am super-excited about my new domain name! I love it!!

So, please update your bookmarks and your blogrolls. And w00t! for me.

June 15, 2008


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Doesn’t that just look comfy? Makes me want to go nap!

butt in the air


William & Joyce drop by

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Yay!! William and Joyce finally got to meet Henry. 🙂 They’re like another set of grandparents. Ele’s post is here, more pictures here and a video here.

Henry and Finn are becoming fast friends

William and Joyce with Henry, Ele and Will with Finn

The doting granparents
William & Joyce with Henry

Oh, and the screech owl that William and Joyce were nursing back to health. So cute!
screech owl

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