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I [heart] Davids · Gifties


Gifts, Presents

Low: A new high

Cristin gave me this beautiful piece of handmade artwork for Christmas.

I just framed it today. It looks amazing, frankly, with the peeking yellow mat and hot pink aluminum frame. Go me, and go Cristin!

Framed 'Low' Art

Thanks, boo!

(Get one for yourself.)

Pretty Gifts

We got lots of lovely gifts for Linus. Here are two very pretty ones!
A silver spoon from Tiffany’s, courtesy of Grant and Michelle.

A gorgeous FireKing dish with a partridge pattern in red and orange, thanks to Kristy.

And here is Henry’s silver spoon from Grant and Michelle – obviously well worn.

Blog Readers: Here’s another option for pictures, what do you think? It’s pretty much what I’ve had in the past.


I decided to try “Gangee” for Granma Q because Henry has three Granma’s and it’s what we called her when we were kids. (Does this sound familiar to you fans of Arrested Development?) It went over so-so. It was hard for Dave to remember so he called her Granma, which got confusing with Granma Jo. Anyway, we’ll keep trying.

Now let me brag about this gorgeous necklace that Granma got me. It’s made by a local Etsy artist, Polestar. Ain’t it gorgeous?


Our neighbors recently got Henry this Bamm-Bamm shirt. How cute, and how fitting!!

Bam Bam with shoe

Bam Bam with headband

My husband is so awesome, but y’all already know that. This Christmas he gave me a plethora of David Bowie items.

First I got Hugo Wilcken’s Low: 33 1/3. I am very eager to read this!

Low 33 and a third

Then he got me the Criterion Collection of The Man Who Fell To Earth. I have been wanting and coveting this disc since Cristin got hers. Now I’ve got mine!!!

Criterion Collection

Last but certainly not least, he got me this fabulous Heddon Street wall calendar. It’s very spot-on because of my trek to Heddon Street the last time I was in London. It’s all the alternate shots that were taken the night they took the photograph that wound up on the cover of “The Rise and Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars.”

Calendar back cover

It includes David’s birthday clearly marked on January 8th!
Mr. Bowie's Birthday!

And best of all, it’s not for sale in the states! Please don’t send my hubby to jail! 🙂
Do not sell in the US!


I got on it today and finished a crafty project I’d been neglecting – baby bracelets.

baby bracelets

I got new beads in the middle of the day so I had new colors to play with for some of the bracelets.

Hank the Tank

Cristin made Henry this Hank the Tank shirt. He was kind enough to model it.


Dave really spoiled me for my birthday this year. It seemed like every day for a week I got presents! It started with that amazing cake he made – so yummy and gorgeous!

And then he got me the Iron Man DVD, a Venture Industries t-shirt, a 4-port Tardis USB hub (that makes sound and light!) and my very own Muno plush!!
It was a great haul. 🙂 Thanks Dave and Henry for making my birthday week so special!!

T-shirt, Tardis and Muno

Look what Sean got me for my birthday:
New Lid for Worm Bin

It is a super cool new style lid to go on my existing worm bin. I really wanted this new lid for my worm bin, and he got it for me. Hooray!!

Thanks, Sean!!

Birthday Cake

Did I mention how cool Dave is? He made me an awesome dinner and a spectacular cake for my birthday, and had Mom arrive just in time to celebrate with us.

The cake is called “In the Pink” and is from a Duncan Hines cake mix cookbook. It’s a lemon cake with a layer of pink lemonade ice cream and pink lemon frosting. I LOVED it!! Super yummy! He is so talented!

My Cake!

Happy Girl

I’ll take mine with sprinkles, please

This cake was way better than the one David Bowie made for me.

The cake went perfectly with my kushy new Red Envelope slippers from my nephews, Nolan and Jonah!
Pretty in Pink!

Oh, and dinner was broiled fish with a healthy grain and vegetable medley. But it wasn’t as good as the cake. 🙂

Birthday Dinner

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