Gifts, Presents

Lello Days

Fun, separate gifts from Leslie and Ed.

My aunt went to the Grand Canyon and all I got was this cute t-shirt!
Grand Canyon t-shirt

“My First John Deere”
John Deere Onesie

Some of Henry’s recent adorable outfits.

From Granma and Amanda
Hawaiian shirt with orange shortalls

From Jenny
Wiggling wiggle worm

From Grant and Michelle
Waterloo Records, Austin, Texas

From Granma
Happy fishies

From Eric and Amber (the front says “Loader”)

Gorgeous gifts

Two exclusive items Henry has received! They share a cozy spot on a shelf out of harm’s way.

A silver spoon with baseball detail from Tiffany & Co.
Tiffany Baseball Feeding Spoon

Baseball Spoon Detail

A music box from Reed & Barton in the shape of a tortoise that plays Brahm’s Lullaby.
Reed & Barton Tortoise Music Box

Goodbye Amanda!

Last week was Amanda’s final week of watching Henry. We were sad to see her go. She took great care of the little man, and us as well. It was so awesome to be able to finish up getting ready in the morning as she took care of Henry. We’ll miss you, Amanda!!

Along with the hat and little socks she got him, she also gave us this parting gift.
What’s in the box?

Three Gymboree Outfits!

How adorable!! The two outfits on the right have bugs on them, my favorite! And the one on the left is terrycloth, which she got especially for him to sop up his daily drool. πŸ™‚


A fabulous Henry gift from Larry and Hiroe!!!!

Dom Perignon

Pouring the Dom


Last Shower

The folks at work threw me a very surprise shower the other day at work! How fabulous! I was so very surprised.

There was a whole spread of home-made desserts, including brownies, cookies, and rice crispy treats, plus other store-bought yummies, including cheesecake and donuts. I was in heaven.

Desserts and Cake


The diaper cake was an enormous diaper cake and each diaper was individually hand-tied. πŸ™‚ Wow! It was adorned with cute pacifiers and rattles and topped with the most adorable stuffed frog. I may claim him for myself.

Diaper Cake

The girls who threw the party put on a game of Baby Family Feud. Every time a team won a round, they got a gift card, which they promptly gave to me! We have restaurant gift cards to keep us in food for weeks after the baby comes! How thoughtful!!

We also got a few outfits for the baby and a very soft, very snuggly blanket.
Hoodie Blanket

It was such a nice event, and I loved being so surprised with it. Hooray!


Did I mention that there were gifts? Oh my lordy, was there a pile of gifts!! I had originally thought that we wouldn’t do gift-opening, but I’m glad we did. It was fun!

I hesitate to put pictures up of gifts, because I don’t want anyone to feel slighted. However, there are some really cute gifts we received! Please know that if you gave us a gift, we love it and are very touched by your thoughtfulness. But onesies make better blog pics than crib sheets. There are also 184 photos of me opening gifts, so I’ll see if I can keep it reasonable. πŸ™‚

Surrounded by gifts
Surrounded by Gifts

Surrounded by friends
Surrounded by Friends

A common expression

It’s a long post, so I’ve cut it here – click below to read the entire post on a separate page.

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Baby Gifts!!

Gifts have started to arrive for our upcoming baby shower!

Some of this stuff arrived courtesy of Monica.
Gifts have arrived!
Should we unpack them or leave them in the boxes? I’m not sure.

It looks like we also got our Hooter Hider, which was delivered last week, but I haven’t opened it yet.

And Dave’s mom sent us the Fisher-Price Rainforest Open-Top Cradle Swing. Dave’s already put it together and it’s awesome!
Rain Forest Swing

For Albita

A picture for my Albita of a hat she gave me.

Colombian Flag Hat

Quite possibly this…
I heart Dave

Dave had this custom t-shirt made for me, using the catchy Nike Witness ad campaign and my blog address! I love him so much!! Plus, the book of sci-fi baby names, which roxor hardcore!

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