Did I mention that there were gifts? Oh my lordy, was there a pile of gifts!! I had originally thought that we wouldn’t do gift-opening, but I’m glad we did. It was fun!

I hesitate to put pictures up of gifts, because I don’t want anyone to feel slighted. However, there are some really cute gifts we received! Please know that if you gave us a gift, we love it and are very touched by your thoughtfulness. But onesies make better blog pics than crib sheets. There are also 184 photos of me opening gifts, so I’ll see if I can keep it reasonable. 🙂

Surrounded by gifts
Surrounded by Gifts

Surrounded by friends
Surrounded by Friends

A common expression

It’s a long post, so I’ve cut it here – click below to read the entire post on a separate page.

Such a thoughtful onesie for our squirmy worm, thanks Jenny!
Wormie Onesie

Mom liked playing with the gifts, too. This one is from our neighbor, Shau-ling.
Mom with stuffed bear

The Hooter Hider I wanted, courtesy of Ele.
Hooter Hider

A great book from the “grandparents” William and Joyce. Plus a cute onesie that someone else owns!
Talking book

An outfit befitting a Cleveland Christmas, don’t you think?
Winter suit

A sushi bib and some gorgeous Dr. Suess onesies, from Monica.
Sushi Bib

Green Eggs & Ham

A gift I was anticipating from Cristin! See my look of satisfaction at having a wish-list item fulfilled?
You Have No Power Over Me

And one I was not anticipating at all. Can you discern my look of utter shock?
Shock and Awe

David Bowie Rocks My Socks!

OK, so this item brought me to tears. Catch the play-by-play over at Cristin’s blog.

Dave didn’t want to register for the PeePee TeePees, but they’re so cute, aren’t they?
Peepee Teepee

In addition to all those cute items above, we got gobs of other cute clothes, burp cloths, bath care items, nursing supplies, diapers, crib sheets and blankets. We are set!!

I was a bit overwhelmed by the end of it all.

When Dave got home, there was one item left for him to open, from Mr. and Mrs. T.
Dave opens Duckling present

Dave the Duckling gets into trouble

Oh, one last thing. The crib, from Granma, had still not arrived by the shower so I made a makeshift demo crib. Aren’t I clever?
Crib Stand In

Gift from Granma

Did I keep it reasonable? Probably not, but it’s my blog!

Many, many thanks to Cristin, without whom we’d have no documentation of this fabulous event. You can see all the pictures here.

  1. Cristin’s avatar

    You’re welcome my sweet:) On Sunday I was shopping with my Mom and she said “Have you ever heard of these things called PeePee TeePees?!” Why, as a matter of fact, I have:)

  2. Jonathan’s avatar

    You look soo good Jeni and it looks like fun was had by all.

    Who knew that Dave would like ducky books so much? We’ll have to send along a few extra, just for him, when the baby comes!

  3. admin’s avatar

    Yeah, when they spied “Dave the Duckling Gets Into Trouble” they couldn’t resist. 🙂