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October 31, 2009

Eliminating grease, and worse

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Growing up, my dad would always drain the hamburger meat over the sink, running hot water to help keep the grease flowing down the pipes. This should have been the evidence we needed to realize that grease does not belong in the drain pipes. When the grease gets further down the pipes and the hot water stops flowing, the grease solidifies, narrowing the pipes and creating a surface on which other solids can get caught.

According to the 2008-2009 Wastewater Collection and Treatment System Report (WCTSR), the City of Raleigh experienced 56 sanitary sewer overflows. Twenty-one percent of these overflows were a result of grease. Sewer overflows occur when problems in the system cause sewage to come out of manhole covers, service cleanouts or plumbing fixtures. Gross!

So, when tempted to pour grease down the sink, choose another option such as pouring it into an empty can or jar and then dispose of it in the garbage. Alternatively, Raleigh has just announced a new Curbside Grease Collection Pilot Program that will start on November 1st. Learn more about it!

While we’re on the subject of sewer overflows, it’s worth mentioning that 30% of the sewer overflows experienced last year were a result of debris. The WCTSR describes debris as “such items as rags, flushable wipes, sticks, rocks, feminine hygiene products, etc., all of which are illegal to discharge into the sanitary sewer system.”

According to this 2005 N&O article, “it is illegal to introduce (that’s polite sanitary sewer system lingo for flush, drop or pour) anything besides human waste, toilet tissue and used water into the sewer system. That means nothing, not even food scraps or this morning’s bacon grease, is supposed to go down any household drain, toilet or garbage disposal.”

Do you use the toilet as a trashcan, tossing toilet tissue and Kleenex indiscriminately in there? Or do you use those so-called “flushable” wipes or, heaven forbid, flush sanitary napkins or tampons down the toilet? Bad idea. The wastewater treatment system is not designed to handle debris like this. Learn more about Raleigh’s recent ban on flushing “flushable wipes” in this May 2009 N&O article.

This EPA sponsored video helps you understand how non-flushable items behave and the effects they can have on our environment.

With that in mind, here are some general guidelines for your household:

  • Collect grease in a container and dispose of it in the garbage.
  • Never flush food scraps down the toilet or kitchen sink garbage disposal. Place food scraps in waste containers or garbage bags for disposal with solid waste, or start a compost pile or vermicompost bin.
  • Place a wastebasket in the bathroom to dispose of solid waste, including facial tissue, cotton balls, flushable wipes, disposable diapers, condoms and personal hygiene products.

October 26, 2009

Beauty Routine

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What’s your beauty routine like? How long does it take? I’m interested to know what the spectrum is like.

Here’s mine.

In the evenings, I take a shower. Shower usually lasts around 10-20 minutes depending on how long my day has been. In the shower, I wash and condition my hair (every other day), lather down and wash my face.
Total Time: 15 minutes

Out of the shower, I apply moisturizer to my face and since it’s winter and I’m pregnant, I make a devoted effort to apply lotion all over. Sometimes I moisturize my hair.
Total Time: 7 minutes

In the morning, I attempt to flatiron my hair into submission. I wash my face and apply moisturizer again. I brush my teeth, apply deodorant, spritz on some perfume, I’m ready to go.
Total Time: 15 minutes or longer, depending on how unruly my hair is.

So, all told, I’d say that say that I spend about 40 minutes a day on my “beauty routine.” How’s that compare to yours?
beauty routine

October 22, 2009

I’ve seen God…

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This is the soundtrack. Cover

Ah, Matthew Berube. Intelligent, erudite, eloquent. Definitely witty. Wonderful penmanship and wonderful taste in music. And heck, pretty dang cute and a snappy dresser, to boot. I was so enamored of him when I first met him, and was shocked when he was interested in dating me. We dated, but I don’t think it ever really counted. He was in college, I was in high school, and he was away a lot. And then it turns out I didn’t know him at all. He had some crazy life in college that I couldn’t understand. I remember that there was some girl he was in love with who raked him over the coals. He didn’t have any shred of emotion left to feel bad for having had that experience at the same time as he was supposed to be dating me. And I remember that he got fired from his job as a gravedigger. I think he thought that was the nadir of his life. I hope he was right about that.

Then, we reconnected when I was in college. He helped me do some research on Hal Hartley for a film paper. Who am I kidding, he did all the research for me. I wrote a paper and got an A minus (and fell hard for Hartley‘s movies, too). Then I sent a copy of the paper to Hartley’s studio. Hal made several notations on the paper and sent it back to me, congratulating me on a job well done. Heh. I still have that as a souvenir.

I always liked Matt, but in some ways felt he was out of my league. In other ways, I felt it was the other way around. It was like it was fated never to be.

Then he went off to Korea to teach English. I figured he would be happy there. I thought he would fit better as an ex-pat over there than a regular Joe over here. And I thought he’d find a nice Korean wife to settle down with. I hope he’s happy.

And then the other day I gave myself an assignment – to listen to all my mix tapes before finally tossing them. This was the first one I pulled out of the case. The first tape Matt made for me. I still have all his old letters (note: if you ever wrote me a letter, chances are I still have it). How can I throw this tape away?

Side A: Moist Songs
Side B: “Louder than Brahms”

October 10, 2009

Birthday Wishes

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Thanks to everyone who sent me Happy Birthday wishes, cards and presents this year! I can’t believe I’m can run for President now.

Thanks to my mom for getting my car detailed, and to my granma for getting me a Caribou gift card and a month’s supply of popcorn!!

And Yay! for Dave who got me this cute little number.

And look what awesomeness Cristin made.

The hat looks as cute on me as it does on Henry.

The best part is that it’s the same color purple that’s in my Dr. Who scarf! FTW!

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