Beauty Routine

What’s your beauty routine like? How long does it take? I’m interested to know what the spectrum is like.

Here’s mine.

In the evenings, I take a shower. Shower usually lasts around 10-20 minutes depending on how long my day has been. In the shower, I wash and condition my hair (every other day), lather down and wash my face.
Total Time: 15 minutes

Out of the shower, I apply moisturizer to my face and since it’s winter and I’m pregnant, I make a devoted effort to apply lotion all over. Sometimes I moisturize my hair.
Total Time: 7 minutes

In the morning, I attempt to flatiron my hair into submission. I wash my face and apply moisturizer again. I brush my teeth, apply deodorant, spritz on some perfume, I’m ready to go.
Total Time: 15 minutes or longer, depending on how unruly my hair is.

So, all told, I’d say that say that I spend about 40 minutes a day on my “beauty routine.” How’s that compare to yours?
beauty routine

  1. Monica’s avatar

    If I did everything I need to do: shower, moisturize, makeup, blow-dry, brush teeth and dress, I could get out of the house in about 45 mins. BUT, I don’t move quickly in the morning and I enjoy my coffee and spending time with my animals, watching the news and sometimes doing Evan’s pretend make-up with him on my lap while I do my makeup, so I take about an hour and a half most mornings.

  2. Ele’s avatar

    Let’s see – I take a shower in the morning. In the shower, I shampoo my hair, then wash my face. Scrub with washcloth (exfoliating face = good!). Rinse hair. Apply conditioner & let sit. Soap up everything else. Rinse. Shave under arms. (Side note – So rarely shave my legs at this point it’s a joke. 😉 Rinse hair.

    Total time = 15 mins

    Out of the shower, I apply moisturizer to the few dryer areas of my face – forehead, under eyes, neck, décolletage, hands. Eyedrops, Q-tip ears, apply deodorant.

    Total time – 2 mins

    Makeup routine- (I love applying makeup and never get tired of it!) Apply foundation, eyeshadow, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner (upper lids only), powder, blush, mascara.

    Total time – 8 mins.

    At this point I am usually doing something else in between makup & hair – getting Finn up, breakfast, checking emails, etc etc.

    Total time here = 20-30 mins

    Dry hair. Use curling iron or straighten depending on mood. TEENY bit of perfume (since I’m around pregnant people – super sparing). After breakfast/cofee I brush my teeth and apply lipstick.

    Total time = 15 mins.

    So, I too spend about 40 minutes a day on my “beauty routine.” Plus the 30 mins of “in between” – and counting how long it takes me to pick out an outfit and choose accessories however. 🙂 Sometimes it’s a no-brainer, sometimes I get lost in it. So if we’re talking shower to out the door – typically it’s 1.5 hours. 🙂

  3. Molly’s avatar

    It kind of depends on the day, I suppose. So it varies…

    Shower: wash and condition hair, wash body, wash face, shave underarms and legs, if necessary (15 minutes or so)

    Post-shower: comb through hair, apply deodorant, moisturize face, sometimes moisturize body, brush teeth if I haven’t done so already (2-5 minutes, depending)

    If I’m doing makeup that day: tinted moisturizer, blush, mascara, check eyebrows, maybe some eye makeup and perfume if I’m feeling particularly “fancy” or actually going out in the evening (again, 2-5 minutes)

    I generally let my hair air-dry, so no time is really taken there.

    So depending on the day, it could take me anywhere between 20-30 minutes. I can and will take more time if I’m actually getting out in a non-mom capacity, but my “job” doesn’t require it. 🙂

  4. Cristin’s avatar

    Let’s see here…

    My hair is oily and makes my face oily so I shower and shampoo/condition my hair every morning. While there I also wash my face and body, shave my armpits and every third day or so my lower legs and pumice my feet. ~15 minutes

    Out of the shower I dry off and comb my hair and put in leave-in conditioner because my hair is oily, yes, but also dry and thin so this helps tame the fly-aways. Q-tip my ears, apply deodorant, face moisturizer with 15 SPF, lotion legs and arms with Jergens and since I’m pregnant my belly, boobs, back, butt and thighs with Queen Helene Cocoa Butter, blow-dry my feet and nether regions. ~10 minutes

    I eat my cereal so my hair has a chance to dry a little and then blow-dry and straight-iron and apply a smidgen of pomade to tame those fly-aways. ~10 minutes

    Get dressed, usually ironing what I will be wearing, brush teeth, apply makeup (mascara, foundation, powder, blush, eye shadow, re-touch mascara and sometimes add eye-liner). ~10 minutes

    I take too long to get ready.