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July 23, 2010

Billy 3/20/1998 – 7/23/2010

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RIP Billy

Billy was just 7 weeks old when I got him and his brother Cayce. They were little tufty balls of gray fur, no prediction of their full size. Billy was a hefty 17 pounds in his prime, a very solid cat.

Billy was a bit irascible but loved Dave very much. I think he knew I was his mommy and even when I had to give him medicine or whatever, he always let me do whatever needed to be done. He and his brother got along for the most part, and we would even catch them on occasion snuggling up together. Billy loved to spend time at the window, stalking and chattering at the birds. He always wanted to go outside and eat grass. He would sit on your lap for ages, and loved to be brushed. Every night he would sit in between our pillows until we fell asleep. He was a great cat and we miss him.

July 19, 2009

Cayce and Larry

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Cayce ignores rules about sitting on the counters

Cayce helps Larry type

April 9, 2009

Cat Photos

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Dave says I don’t blog about the cats enough, and he’s right. It’s been a year since I posted pictures of our cats. Here are some cute pictures from the past 365 days.

August 28, 2008

Meet Sasha and Simba

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Sasha and Simba were adopted as kittens in December 1999. Sasha is very close to her brother Simba. The two cats have loved each other and have been loads of entertainment to their family over the years. Sasha’s favorite place to be is laying out in the screened in porch, she will stay out there for hours, but will look in the door and tap the door when she has had enough. Both cats have always been indoor cats. Simba is a really nice cat although he takes a while to warm up to new people. His sister rules the roost and he will just wait his turn to eat. Simba is a very patient cat.

Do you have a place in your life for these kitties? They need a new home! Both cats are fixed. Sasha and Simba really want to go to their new home together.


Sasha 2

August 3, 2008


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I LOL’d. Go vote for my lolz!

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

July 13, 2008

Crazy cats

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Dave’s mom has some crazy cats. They’re about a year old now and they are all kitten.

I put a baby bib on Gracie and I think she thought it was a cape. She acted especially daring.
Gracie wears a bib

Meanwhile, Marmalade was exceptionally malleable and maulable.
stroller 1

stroller 2

stroller 3

stroller 4

Can anyone come up with a good LOLCat? I should upload it.

June 25, 2008

Dead bird

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I might kill that cat myself if he keeps killing our songbirds.

Here’s the obituary for my cardinal.

Mr. Cardinal met with a tragic end on Monday, June 23rd, to the shock and surprise of his family. Mr. Cardinal is survived by his mate, and like all cardinals, mated for life. He was also a dear father to three adorable offspring, Cardinal, Junior, and Bubba. Sadly, one of his offspring also died recently, probably due to the same cause.

Dead Cardinal

June 12, 2008


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I just called Raleigh Animal Control to get an animal trap. We’re going to trap a cat that’s been poaching in our back yard for the past two weeks.

I have strong feelings that domesticated pets should not be allowed to roam free at will. They’re well-fed at home but that doesn’t stop them hunting for sport. Domestic cats are one of the biggest causes of fatalities to song birds. I wouldn’t care if they needed to kill to eat, but they usually don’t.

We’ve had two dead birds in our yard since this cat arrived, and we only have three birds in our birdhouse (there were 5 babies to start with).

If this is a family pet, I feel a bit bad about trapping the cat and taking it to the pound. It’s a good way to lose a family pet quickly. But damn, why do they have to let it roam free in the first place?

April 23, 2008

Missing Sleep

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One of the many reasons I miss sleeping – my boos like to cuddle up with me.

Billy and Cayce turn on the charm

April 3, 2008

Cayce and Henry

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Can’t leave out this precious photo

Cayce inspects Henry

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