Meet Sasha and Simba

Sasha and Simba were adopted as kittens in December 1999. Sasha is very close to her brother Simba. The two cats have loved each other and have been loads of entertainment to their family over the years. Sasha’s favorite place to be is laying out in the screened in porch, she will stay out there for hours, but will look in the door and tap the door when she has had enough. Both cats have always been indoor cats. Simba is a really nice cat although he takes a while to warm up to new people. His sister rules the roost and he will just wait his turn to eat. Simba is a very patient cat.

Do you have a place in your life for these kitties? They need a new home! Both cats are fixed. Sasha and Simba really want to go to their new home together.


Sasha 2

  1. Cristin’s avatar

    DAMMIT I thought this was about cats from Dave’s family or something. Now I am sad because I can’t take them and I want them.

  2. leslie’s avatar

    i would adopt them in a heartbeat, but i do believe vince would refuse to marry me if i upped the cat count to 5… and i kinda wanna marry the guy 😉