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May 30, 2010

Date Night

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Dave and I had a date night last Saturday. We booked the Chef’s Table at the Angus Barn. It was a really lovely evening.

We got all dressed up:

And then had a round of drinks in the Wild Turkey Lounge – Campari and Soda for me, you know!! Then they called us to our table. As we waited at the hostess station, we were surprised to be greeted by Chef Walter Royal! He presented us each with a glass of champagne and then escorted us down to the kitchen to our cozy table for two. How fun! You might recall that Chef Walter defeated Cat Cora in Stadium Kitchen, making him an Iron Chef! We sat down to our first course, a juicy lobster claw in a seaweed salad with sesame seeds – YUM! Our second course was a take on the Southern classic shrimp and grits. It was also fabulous. Here you can see Chef Walter in the background.

Third was a salad a field greens with fresh goat cheese and dried cranberries. Then we had a lemon sorbet to cleanse our palates, followed by our entrée of beef tenderloin, perfectly seared on the outside, served with a mushroom risotto and fresh steamed vegetables. Finally, for dessert we had an apple tart that was just super delish. Each course was accompanied by a wine tasting, provided by the sommelier himself with a little education and history. It was very nice to have a matching wine accompaniment with each dish.

From our seats, we could see much of one of the main dining room kitchens. We got to see the main steak and seafood line from where we sat. The wine cellar chef also came by and introduced himself, as he was our chef for the evening. Everyone who passed by us was very welcoming, greeted us and inquired if we needed anything. We also saw a number of patrons as they passed by us on their way to the wine cellar. And the owner, Van Eure, stopped by several times to make sure we were enjoying ourselves. After dinner was complete, the sommelier gave us a tour of the wine cellar dining areas and the cellar itself. It was really a lovely evening and I would totally recommend the experience.

May 9, 2010

Photo Comparison

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Photos of both boys in the same outfit, so you can see how they compare.

In case you can’t figure it out, Henry is on the left, and Linus is on the right.

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