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February 27, 2009

Last Day of School

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Today is Henry’s last day in the Infant class at his school.

Before breakfast:

Ready for school:
Sharp Dressed Man

I can’t believe that he’ll be a year old on Monday! He is such a big boy. He is definitely ready to move up to the next class. He’s a bit of a terror in his current class as the next youngest child is 8 months old. I think he’s tired of hanging out with all those babies!

February 26, 2009


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I Heart Sparkly Vampires

I Heart Sparkly Vampires

Saturday Cristin and I went to see Twilight. Twice. It was so super awesome. The first time we sat in the back row and drank beers and ate popcorn. The second time we sat in the front row and drank more beer and ate candy. We were totally giggly and talking and goofy, it was awesome. I’m telling ya, this is the only way to watch a movie.

Have Beer, Will Travel

Have Beer, Will Travel

Stocking up for the long haul

Stocking up for the long haul

Film Stills

Edward slinks away

Edward slinks away

Awesome Edward Grin

Awesome Edward Grin

Yay! Let’s do it again some time!

Dorky girls

Dorky girls

Oh, and my favorite scene in the movie because Edward sounds like a Muppet:

And if you haven’t seen this, it’s hilarious. Watch it. Now.

February 23, 2009

Nursery Decor

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Some of you may notice these items from Henry’s nursery, or my college dorm!

Family Photos (mostly Jonathan)

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Some old family photos that I thought were worth sharing. Thanks to Dave for scanning these!

February 20, 2009

Awake at the Wheel

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Yep, we’ve got plans this evening!



February 15, 2009

Baby Videos

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Listen closely to hear Lindsay say “Git ‘er”

Valentine’s Fondue

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Henry had such a great day yesterday. Unfortunately, this morning he seems to be having quite a lot of teething pain – I think his molars are on the way in. He’s also had three blowouts since yesterday, probably due to either the antibiotic he’s on, the teething or both. We’ve already had to do three three loads of his laundry!

Last night we had lovely fondue for our Valentine’s dinner. It was so yummy. I love getting fed all this great food. Lindsay is a great cook and a great hostess. I enjoy being here so much because of the laidback attitude everybody has. I haven’t had my shoes on since I first got here, because we’ve just hung around the house all day long. It’s been very relaxing.

Today there’s not much more on tap other than some more good food and perhaps some more drinking. Perhaps a little hair of the dog will make my headache go away. 🙂

February 14, 2009

Vacation Videos

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Hanging in Aledo

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My first day in Aledo is going great. I’m so enjoying spending time just chatting mom stuff with Linz. And the boys are having a great time together. Henry is loving playing with Fred and Polly, the two labs.

The babies are down for naps and next up, drinks for the adults!!

February 7, 2009

In a Nutshell

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Too busy to read Buy, Buy Baby? Well, I highly recommend it because it’s amazing to see your own self pinpointed so well as a demographic to be marketed to, but in case you can’t get to it, I’ll give you her conclusions in a nutshell.

First, no TV is good for children before the age of two. Any talk about TV being educational for babies is either misguided, misleading, or outright deceptive. There have been no studies that have proven the effectiveness of “educational” TV for children younger than toddler age(3+). Babies are not, in fact, toddlers. There are huge developmental milestones between babies and toddlers, and one of those differences is in the way they process symbolic thought. In order to watch TV and understand what’s going on, you must be able to at least in part use symbolic thought.

But you’re thinking, my little one absolutely loves those Baby Einstein videos! Think again. She is just demonstrating the “orienting response“. It’s basically the response we have when being presented with novel stimulation. Whenever your child is glued to the screen, he’s not in rapt attention because he likes the content. Babies can in no way understand the content. Symbolic thought doesn’t begin to build until a few years into a child’s life. He is glued to the screen because he can’t help himself – the orienting response paralyzes him. (It actually happens to adults, too.)

Studies have also shown that children exposed to even just background TV show more problems with focusing, attention deficit, and obesity. Introducing your child to TV as a babysitter is so tempting, especially when they seem so “focused” and interested in it. However, it’s probably not best for your child in the long run. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends no screen time for babies under two, and Thomas’s conclusions underscore that recommendation.

The other big topic that Thomas tackled was the idea of selling to babies. She reminds us that while young children who watch “educational” television cannot learn developmental milestones from the programming, they can learn to love the story’s central characters. Toy manufacturers are legally prohibited from directing advertising at babies and children, because they have no ability to understand the power of persuasion and therefore are defenseless against advertising. Toy companies get around this by having their own hired child development expert endorse their toys as “educational.” At the same time, they also work with powerful licensing departments to embed their brand, embodied by Elmo or Dora or the Teletubbies, into every segment of the market imaginable. Thus Elmo ends up on clocks, toothbrushes, bags and backpacks, TV and videos, sheets, sofas, books and more. The end result is that you begin to raise a very brand-consciuous consumer who will ask for a product by brand-name before the second birthday.

Children do not need special branded or educational toys to learn. Basic, sturdy toys that inspire imagination and creative play, coupled with your interaction, love and attention, is all that is necessary to aid your child’s healthy development. Spend time with your children doing Nothing. Not nothing. But a purposeful Nothing. Spend time with your kids, playing, interacting, loving, watching. That’s all they need to be healthy and smart.

Henry plays with toys

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