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May 30, 2007


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Finally, they’ve started to hatch!
Three down, two to go.
They are Chester, Chili, and Keifer.

May 28, 2007

Memorial Day Plants

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We started our morning by dropping E&A off at the airport. So sad to see them go!

Then we pulled up all the pansies from the front beds and put them into boxes to give them to Krista, my new FreeCycle friend. It took about 45 minutes to pull them all up but I’m glad we didn’t just throw them away.

After that, we got into the planting. We planted mixed zinnias and mixed gazanias in the front beds to the right of the front porch. Along the walkway on the left side of the porch, we planted yellow, orange, and bronze marigolds. I have a killer sunburn on the small of my back. Stupid Jeni.We had a few gazanias left over, so I planted them in two pots that went on the back porch. Finally, flowers on our back porch! I got to use my Colombian pot, the handmade terracotta pot on the higher step. I carried this pot back in my lap when I came back from Colombia. I treasure it.

Another interesting license plate

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For Robbie…

Fishmongers Dinner with E&A

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We got all cuted up for dinner tonight. Nah, not really. We always look this cute!

And I made time for an oyster shooter (with beer, not vodka).

Dinner was great, lots of steamed shrimp and steamed clams. And some beer. We really enjoyed ourselves!

Farmer’s Market Flowers

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Sunday morning, after a big breakfast of pancakes, meat and eggs, we headed off to the Farmer’s Market. Dave and I were searching for flowers to install in our front beds. We’re pulling up the pansies on Monday and replacing them with Zinnias and Marigolds. They should look pretty. We’re looking forward to the new summer flowers.

Flying Saucer, again

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After the flea market, we had to hit the Flying Saucer. We met Kerri there and had beers, beers, beers, and some lunch.

Aren’t Kerri and I cute?!!?!?
And then there was our waitress (in the picture below, on the left). While we were there, her dad and what appeared to be her grandparents showed up to sit in her section and have a quick beer (not pictured). After they left, she had a really funny conversation with us about how mortified she is that her family comes to visit her at work. She said that she knew they were coming, so she wore her “least slutty” outfit, the longest skirt she owned. There were many funny, funny parts to this conversation, but the funniest for me was when Dave said to her, “So, how does your dad feel about …” and she responded “My outfit?” I think he was going to ask her about her job, but she got right to the point and nailed the question all of us were wondering about. It was the high point of our Saucer visit – we laughed mightily.

She also hit up her dad for her semester’s tuition of $400 because she did well in school the previous semester. As he left, her dad was waffling about whether and how he would pay her.
She’s cute, and sweet, and putting herself through college, so if this is your Flying Saucer waitress, tip her well!!

More E&A Updates – Flea Market

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Saturday we spent a few hours at the Flea Market. Everybody got something they were really happy with. Dave got a bottle of some old 7-Up soft drink branded for the Cleveland Browns. He was delighted!

I got a waist apron for $10. I’ve been wanting a very traditional waist apron and I think this is perfect. I purchased it from a woman at the flea market that I used to patronize frequently. She’s really sweet and I like shopping from her. Check out the print – it’s a Floridian print with ships off the coast in the distance, pumas, tropical trees and oranges. I really love it.
Apparently, Claudia McGraw is from Black Mountain, North Carolina and had a storied history of making aprons for Eleanor Roosevelt. I don’t have any corroborating evidence of this, so if you have more free time than me, you can let us know if you can find any. 🙂
AND I found this amazing mixer from the 70s. It’s a J.C. Penney’s wall-mount mixer in brilliant orange. It opens to reveal the removable cord and beaters. Isn’t it beautiful?! It works, too. I checked.

Amber and Eric found a really pretty vase for cheap, and Kerri found the perfect necklace she’d been looking for. Yay!!!

May 26, 2007

Mr. Elvis?

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What’s up with this guy?

Torturing the Cat

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Dave has a new trick. He discovered that if you properly rub this cat toy into Cayce’s belly, it stays there. Hahahahahahahaha! He walks, it jingles, LOL!

Speaking of LOLCATS, have you checked out I Can Has Cheezburger?

Friday Day

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Finally got home to visit with Eric and Amber after work. We chilled on the back porch, soaking up the sun and drinking.

Then dinner was a big grill-fest with Mom and Gene. We had tenderloins, white sweet potatoes, tomatoes, asparagus, marinated shrimp, and seviche. Along with lots of wine!! Our favorite was the BV Coastal Pinot Noir. YUM.

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