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June 30, 2007

Flight to Cleveland

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Left work at 3:30 to make my 5 o’clock to Cleveland. We’re having a big pig roast/luau on Sunday with tons of people. Should be fun.

During the flight, we kept banking left and right to avoid these monster thunderstorms. They were so beautiful to look at.

Downtown Cleveland in the distanceLanding

Soft Paws

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My Mom got pink softpaws for her cat, Sylvie. Super cute!!

June 29, 2007

Rockin’ Girl Blogger

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Fun! I was tagged by Cristin as a Rockin’ Girl Blogger. *blushes*

Now it’s my turn to tag 5 of my favorite girl bloggers. Ladies, pass it on!

Ele – Ele gets the credit for inspiring me to start my own blog. Plus, we have our own small world story.
CristinSisters, what can I say?
Stew – I love my new friend who gives me cucumbers from her garden and wants to talk worms!
Ruth – Damn, isn’t Hannah cute?
Monica – A blogger newbie but a really old friend.

June 27, 2007

Why I Hate MySpace

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MSN/PC World has an article about the 25 worst websites. MySpace made it to Number 1.

Here’s the article – I think it mirrors my feelings about MySpace.

1. MySpace.com
Yes, we know. With more than 90 million users, MySpace is now more popular than Elvis, “American Idol,” and ice cream. But the Web’s most visited destination is also its most poorly designed and counterproductive.The ease with which anyone of any age can create a page, upload photos, share deeply personal details of their lives, and make new “friends” quickly turned MySpace into a one-stop shopping mall for online predators. That in turn has made the site an easy target for politicians who pander for votes by playing on parental fears. In an era when the basic tenets of the Net are under attack by both Ma Bell and Uncle Sam, MySpace is a headache we don’t need.

But let’s put all that aside for a moment. Graphically, many MySpace pages look like a teenager’s bedroom after a tornado–a swirl of clashing backgrounds, boxes stacked inside other boxes, massive photos, and sonic disturbance. Try loading a few of those pages at once and watch what happens to your CPU. Watch out for spyware, too, since it turns out that MySpace has become a popular distribution vector for drive-by downloads and other exploits. And in a place where “U are soooooooo hot!!!” passes for wit, MySpace isn’t doing much to elevate the level of social discourse.

In response to a public backlash and some well-publicized lawsuits, MySpace has begun modifying its policies–for example, limiting adults’ ability to contact minors. That’s hardly enough. Requiring some kind of authentication from MySpacers–or their parents–to validate their ages and identities would go a long way toward scaring off the creeps and making the site a kinder, gentler social network. Is MySpace totally bad? Not at all. Are we old farts? Yeah, probably. But the Web’s most popular site needs a serious security reboot. And probably a makeover. Until then, MySpace won’t ever be OurSpace.

Funny Drive-Through Weirdness

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What would you do it you’re at the drive-through fast food restaurant and you realize that your part of your order is wrong once you’ve already pulled away from the window?

Here’s my experience from this morning.

I went to Bojangles to treat myself to a bisquit this morning. I order, then pull up to the window to pick up my items. As you can imagine, the Bo is a pretty busy place in the mornings. I exchange my money for my food, and as I’m ready to pull forward, I realize that the car that was ahead of me is now parked about 1.5 car lengths in front of me. To be clear, the car is blocking the narrow lane of the drive-through exit.

She opens the car door and walks back to the window. I think she said “Sorry” but mostly I remember her looking sour-faced. She leans around into the window and says “I ordered unsweet tea.” The Latina girl behind the counter takes it from her and disappears from view. I sit, startled into silence. (If I were an animal, I’d be one of those ones that faints or falls over when startled.) One minute passes. I could reach my hand out and touch her, she’s practically leaning on my sideview mirror. [Personal Space Alert!]

I see the manager guy ask the window lady “What is this?” and she replied “She ordered unsweet tea.” They disappear from view. Another 30 seconds pass and then I see someone walking toward the back with one of those big tea urns, obviously empty. I sigh, internally, and raise my eyebrows, externally. Another 45 seconds elapse. My bisquit gets colder.

I finally say “Um, most people go inside when there’s a problem with their order.” She says “What? I just need my tea” or something like that. I can see further into the building than she cay, and I say “I think they’re brewing a new pot.” She says “What!?” I repeated myself in a clear, calm voice. She keeps looking sideways into the building, peering around the window. The window lady is nowhere to be seen, and a replacement tea is not imminent.

I decided this was ridiculous, and I thought that the few cars behind me would be in agreement. I asked “Can you move your car?” to which she responded something that sounded like “mumble getting some feedback here mumble” and then something snide like “If it makes you happy!” She stomped back to her car and pulled one car length around the corner of the building, opening up the exit lane – freedom!

So, what would you have done? If you were her or me?

Fraidy Cat

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We had some big thunderclouds and loud claps of thunder roll in this evening. I watched Cayce belly crawl into the bedroom, but I assumed he was under the bed or in the closet.
In my old apartment in Dallas, he’d hide in the cupboard under the kitchen sink whenever he’d get frightened by loud noises.
Damn he is adorable.

June 26, 2007

Domain Thoughts

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OK, I’m an idiot. The cool domains I listed below are not available.
These are:

I am thinking I’m going to start hosting my blog myself. I don’t feel comfortable relying on Blogger to keep all this content – it’s my baby and I love it!

*UPDATE* My latest thoughts:

I’m thinking about getting my own domain. Suggestions on what it should be?
Here are some thoughts:

It just cracks me up that I can have a .co.uk URL!

Anyway, I’m not that stoked about Q-Factor, but some bastard has taken http://www.jeniq.com/.
Do you guys and gals have any creative thoughts?

Microsoft Surface

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This is a really fun video:
apparently based on a real product:

Very interesting, as I’m watching The Island right now and the touch desk in the movie was inspired by a Microsoft ThinkTank that the director worked with.

Food and Happiness

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With Dave gone, I think I’m a little down and less motivated. I haven’t been very inclined to cook for myself, which I have managed to do in the past when he’s gone. On the way home I knew I had to stop at the grocery if I was going to have any chance of eating a decent meal over the next few days. On spur of the moment, I stopped at Earthfare to get my groceries tonight. I figure I’ve been stress-eating lately, I’d be more productive if I stress-bought!

Here is proof of Dave’s theory that “organic” is code for more expensive.

June 25, 2007

A Challenge for Cristin

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