Fraidy Cat

We had some big thunderclouds and loud claps of thunder roll in this evening. I watched Cayce belly crawl into the bedroom, but I assumed he was under the bed or in the closet.
In my old apartment in Dallas, he’d hide in the cupboard under the kitchen sink whenever he’d get frightened by loud noises.
Damn he is adorable.

  1. <![CDATA[raxiro]]>’s avatar

    Lindo gato travieso y loco..

  2. <![CDATA[cr99ist03in]]>’s avatar

    That is so cute. Out cats just spread out and nap with us in bed during storms:)

  3. <![CDATA[Sean]]>’s avatar

    That’s a boy cat? I would think it was a female with a name like Cayce.

    Milo ( obviously a boy) isn’t so skerd of storms but Halo is. She was under the bed the other night and shakes and pants something fierce when the boomers happen.