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September 28, 2006

Birthday Alert!

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In related news, Saturday is my birthday! I’ll be 32. It’s weird, there’s been no buildup to this birthday at all and I just don’t mind. I told Dave I wanted a Caribou card for my birthday, and a Thai Yoga Massage. I set up the appointment for the massage with Bob Haddad for October 21st. I wanted it to be this Saturday but he was out of town for 2 weekends and I am unavailable for the weekends after that. He sounds really great over the phone and he appreciated the fact that I didn’t want to have a rushed session. I have an 11 am appointment and it will probably take about 2 hours. I can’t wait!!

So, for the birthday plans I decided I also wanted to have cocktails at Azitra. My friends always go out so late in the evening when Dave and I are tired, we wanted to do something early in case they already had plans. From there we’re going to Hayes Barton for a nice cozy dinner and birthday cake!

I think I’ll have a lovely birthday. 🙂

September 11, 2006

Chicago Trip – First Night in Town

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What an awesome time we had in Chicago!

We flew in on Monday afternoon. Our first adventure was to get from Midway to the hotel using public transportation. I’m always fascinated by public transit because it’s never a decent option whereever I live. It was also much cheaper to take the train than a cab. Unfortunately, we ended up arriving in the city at rush hour so the trains got very busy and it was difficult to navigate our luggage, but we made it!

Our first night out we wandered around until we found Jake Melnick’s and had our first local pint. After a few pints there, we went off in search of something scrumptious. We found it at Heaven on Seven, a cajun restaurant near our hotel. I got the chef’s choice, a four-course meal designed by the chef. I was already full from our beers so I couldn’t even think about picking out dinner from their vast menu. The chef’s choice was perfect and everthing they brought me, except for the turtle soup, I loved!

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