Billy 3/20/1998 – 7/23/2010

RIP Billy

Billy was just 7 weeks old when I got him and his brother Cayce. They were little tufty balls of gray fur, no prediction of their full size. Billy was a hefty 17 pounds in his prime, a very solid cat.

Billy was a bit irascible but loved Dave very much. I think he knew I was his mommy and even when I had to give him medicine or whatever, he always let me do whatever needed to be done. He and his brother got along for the most part, and we would even catch them on occasion snuggling up together. Billy loved to spend time at the window, stalking and chattering at the birds. He always wanted to go outside and eat grass. He would sit on your lap for ages, and loved to be brushed. Every night he would sit in between our pillows until we fell asleep. He was a great cat and we miss him.

  1. Lee Ann’s avatar

    so sorry Jen 🙁

  2. Cristin’s avatar

    I’m so sorry Jeni and Dave. I love(d) Billy a lot, even though he got me in trouble with the lamp incident;) I’ll have to break them on my own now. Rest assured, he’s scampering around upstairs with Baba and Pax. <3