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Kitties & Haircuts

Around this time of year, we take the cats in for their annual vet appointment. They both get their teeth cleaned and get lion cuts.

Billy is cold after his recent clip and so conserves warmth.
Billy Lion Cut

Cayce shows his displeasure.
Cayce lion cut

But somehow manages to relax anyway.
Cayce belly

While he was there, Cayce had two teeth removed! Little ones that we left out for the tooth fairy.

Billy got a clean bill of health for his teeth, but they found other problems during his annual inspection. He had a small tumor near his armpit that was removed. It was a malignant tumor but they feel pretty certain that they got all of it and he shouldn’t be bothered by it anymore. Also, it appeared that he had a bladder stone and so had to go into the vet’s several days later for surgery to remove the stone. No stone was found and at the same time, the vet discovered some very unusual sites on the bladder wall that she suspected indicated bladder cancer. Luckily, it was not bladder cancer but what appears to be some kind of chronic inflamation of the bladder. So hooray because both kitties are safe and sound at home!

Billy in a sweater
Billy has since shed his dapper little sweater.

On the 20th, the kitties turned 10.

Happy Birthday Billy!
Jeni Henry and Billy

Happy Birthday Cayce!
Cayce in profile

Kitteh Dance

How much do I love my kitteh? More than I can count!
I love my kitty

And here we are, dancing. 🙂
Jeni & Cayce Dance

Eat your heart out, world

Or Cristin. Whomever.
Isn’t he gorgeous? And weird?

Billy Hiding

Sweet Billy

Cristin came over for dinner on Monday night for a Bowie movie-fest, sort of. I was thinking we’d watch the DVD commentary on Labyrinth, but instead we watched several of the “making of” docs.
David and Cristin
And then I ran around for like an hour copying some CDs for her while she played on the computer and entertained the cats. And then we watched the first 30 minutes of The Hunger, which is not really very good, not to mention we watched the ancient VHS copy-of-a-copy I own that is very bad quality. But we got to see cute, young David Bowie in the shower scene, so woo-hoo for us! We were up too late but it was fun indeed!!

I made us dinner, sauteed chicken with a lemon-rosemary sauce served with rice and scalded green beans. Yummers!
Chicken Dinner

And Cristin brought over some awesome and chocolatey ice cream cupcakes from Maggie Moo’s. I ate two because I am unstoppable.

And the cats seemed content to amuse us with their funny sleeping positions.


Sleeping Giant

I’ve compiled some of my favorite pictures from my trip to England.

The Tower Bridge (look familiar?)
London Fun 7

Bill, my and Alba’s host in Cambridge, who indulged me an an hour-long conversation about my favorite British TV shows
London Fun 10

A much deserved beer at the end of a long day of biking around Cambridge
London Fun 1
How much I adore a decent half-pint!

My tower of coasters
London Fun 9

Self-portrait at Picadilly Circus
London Fun 2

Getting attacked by a street performer
London Fun 3

Lovely shadowplay on the Houses of Parliament (courtesy of Alba)
London Fun 4

Self-portrait in front of the Tower Bridge
London Fun 5

An alley cat I made nice with in a pub in Harrow
London Fun 6
See the guy in the back, on the right? Later that day, he gave me his match ticket from the match that had played that day in Wembley Stadium – what a lovely souvenier!

The only rain I saw during my whole trip was as I was about to board the plane home 🙂
London Fun 8

Austin, Part 2

I like to jokingly refer to their place as “the Ark” becuase they have so many pets and other animals. Now that they have little Evan Almighty, it’s perfect!! They have a few indoor pets: three dogs and two cats. Nina and Fin are chihuahuas, while Grayson is this teeny little miniature of a regular dog. Seymour  is a total snugglepuss and ferocious player. Alabaster didn’t make it into the pictures somehow.


Grayson and Fin


The newest addition to their flock is, well, a flock. Five bantam chickens named Eleanor, Abigail, Chester, Teddy and Lucy. Chester and Teddy are roosters, and it’s still out for decision exactly what Abigail is. A prize for whomever can guess the naming convention for the chickens.

There are also seven baby chickens that Monica allowed to hatch. They’ll join the rest of the flock in a few weeks. The best part about these chickens (besides the incessant crowing) is their cute feathered feet – how adorable. We enjoyed a bunch of fresh Banty eggs while we were there – yum! I wonder if our covenants forbid raising chickens??

Abigail and Chester

Lucy laying an egg


Baby Chicken with feathery feet

Cristin invited me over for a 12 hour Harry Potter movie watching party on Saturday. I missed the first movie but arrived at 3 PM for Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. After that we watched Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, and then Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. It was a very nice, intimate party. It’s gotten me excited for the release of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

I got to meet Kelli and Jamie, both very sweet girls, as well as Matt, who seemed nice and kept out of our way while we chatted and drank.

Kelli and Cristin really outdid themselves gettting ready for the party. Ele would have been impressed! Kelli was even wearing Gryffindor colors. 🙂

  • Wands – Pretzles coated with dark and white chocolate
  • Polyjuice Potion – Grape juice, sprite and vodka
  • Hogwarts Cake – Castle-shaped cake filled with cream
  • Gryffindor Jello Shots – Both yellow and burgundy jello shooters (quite strong!)

I brought some Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans and they were a hoot to try! Cristin’s blog linked to to some funny photos on her Flickr album. I also got some good snuggles with Lily, Cristin’s adorable kitty. (I promise I didn’t take her home with me!)

Kitten Videos

Me snorgling with all three cats:

Kitties being kittens:

Gracie, hiding in a box.
Dad found a perfect napping companion in Marmalade.
Mom and Gracie, being lovey.
Me with all three kittens. Gracie, Shadow and Marmalade.
Pile of cats.

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