Kitteh Dance

How much do I love my kitteh? More than I can count!
I love my kitty

And here we are, dancing. 🙂
Jeni & Cayce Dance

  1. Ally’s avatar

    freak 😉

  2. Sean’s avatar

    He TOTALLY looks like he’s enjoying that…


    BTW, that’s a huge cat.

  3. admin’s avatar

    He’s my little baby love bundle of fluff, and he loves dancing with me. See how he wraps his arms around my neck like a koala? He weighs less than his brother, who tops in around 17 pounds.

  4. Cristin’s avatar

    As noted earlier today I love this entire thing. Esp the second picture. The head-tilt. The Marcia Brady hand movement thing. The Deep Purple shirt. The Cayce. I think it shall be my wallpaper. 😀 See you tomorrow!