Ask, and you shall receive

I said that it would be good for Henry to start daycare so he’d get exposure to germs.

I guess I didn’t really mean it.

He spiked a 102.9 degree fever on Sunday afternoon. We cooled him with wet washcloths and watched somewhat helplessly as he screamed bloody murder and cried tears for the first time I can remember.
We took him to the doctor that afternoon and he started feeling better with the cooling washcloths and some baby Tylenol. The doctor chalked it up to a virus and not heat stroke, which was what I thought it might be.

He had a bit of a rough night but seemed to be doing great this morning. His fever was gone and he was in a good mood. Dave’s playing daddy-day-care today since Henry can’t go to school.

All in all, it was not the worst experience ever.

  1. Cristin’s avatar

    OH! Poor boy-boy! And poor you guys. That sounds awful. I hope he gets all better soon!

  2. stew’s avatar

    Poor boo boo! Hugs to all of you.

    (Also, screw the outdoor cats, little evil turds!!)

  3. Kelli’s avatar

    Aww Jeni, Welcome to the first of many daycare illnesses. I thought David had heatstroke the first time he got a fever too! He cried so looooong! That Tylenol works great! Knocks out the fever and put him to sleep. your little guy is so handsome! He is growing so nicely! At 10 mos old David is 31in long!