Happy Birthday to Me!

What a fabulous birthday week I’ve been having! Dave started it off right on Sunday with birthday cake and prezzies. The birthday cake was a “Peppermint Patty” cake. Four layers of chocolate cake, two layers of icing, two layers of peppermint ice cream with M&Ms, and whipped chocolate icing all around the outside. HEAVEN!

And for my birthday I got a CD I’d been wanting (Colin Hay: Man @ Work), two gorgeous pictures of me and my little men, and a Netbook, affectionately named Dean.

Amy sent a package full of goodies that Henry helped me open this morning. And he had lots of fun popping the bubble wrap! Dave’s mom gave me some comfy slipper socks that are infused with aloe. My mom gave me 4 bottles of nice wine and some cash (yeah!). My granma sent me a check and I also got a Caribou gift card. Speaking of Caribou, I had to stop by this morning to take advantage of the free cup of coffee they gave me because it was my birthday! Woot!!!