Diapering in a spica cast

This informative post is just a record of how we diaper Linus in his spica cast.

We use a size 2 inner diaper and a size 5 outer diaper. We also use an extra-large Poise pad in the diaper (only at night) and a cotton coil as a dam. For the Poise pad, we cut through the back to allow the inner diaper to soak up urine as well. The pad goes farther into his cast than the diaper does for overnight protection. We place the cotton coil in as a dam against leakage and it goes all the way around the opening, double in some places. Once the coil, pad and inner diaper are in place, then we put on an outer diaper to protect the cast, his groin, and as a last ditch effort to absorb any leaks.

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    Well done! And it will all be over soon:)