Baby Gifts

We’ve started getting baby gifts!

This is the first gift we got for the baby, from a co-worker. She took great pains to say the name several times – it sounds funny!!
It’s a lovely, soft blanket in bright colors from IKEA. Yay!

Barnslig Prickar

Then Cristin gave me Toby socks!!!!! What can I even say? LOVES!!!!!!!

Toby Socks

And my friend Alba sent me this adorable fleece poncho from Colombia, along with some soft fuzzy socks for me and coffee for Dave. She thought of the whole family, I’m impressed!


And last, but totally not least, is this ADORABLE sock-cat from Ali. 1) Whoever thought to make a sock-monkey in cat form was SMRT. 2) I think someone’s going to have to start giving me synonyms for “adorable” at some point in the near future.

Sock Cat

Thank you all!!!!

  1. Cristin’s avatar

    I so knew you were having a boy when I gave you those sockers:) Great gifts thusfar! That sockmonkeycat is so toob! I want one for me!

  2. Sean’s avatar

    Barnslig Prickar? In what language does that mean soft baby blanket? It sounds kinda prickly.

    Congrats on the nice gifts 🙂

  3. aurore’s avatar

    Hello have you still the little blanket IKEA ? I search pouyr my daughter because it became his security blanket but after seven years it does not look like anything that I am doing for months looking for this little cover. thank you email