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From our lunch date with Granny Jo last weekend.

Eats his granma’s napkin

Is preoccupied with napkin

Is there a napkin over there?

taking over the table

He loved hanging out with his granny. And I’d like to point out that we did not shave his head. He’s just went bald on that side of his head. What hair he does have growing back is blonde, so you can barely see it.

Family photo

The family!

Had a great time visiting Dave’s family in Cleveland over the fourth of July holiday. Henry got to meet the rest of his uncles and aunts and cousins! We also got to see Leslie and Vince’s house down in Hudson – it’s fabulous and the work they’ve done to it is amazing. We got to meet more of Vince’s family, which is nice, too, in preparation for their wedding in November.

All photos here.

With his Aunt Leslie
Aunt Leslie feeds Henry

All the kids together
Dickens Cousins

Uncle Eric
Unky Eric

His cousin Riley
Cousin Riley

Aunt Amber
Aunt Amber

A week and a half later, Dave’s folks came to hang out with Henry for a week. It was SO awesome to have them around. I had lots of opportunity to go shopping and generally get some “me time.” It was AWESOME and I love his folks for taking such good care of us and Henry.

Anyway, here is their visit in pictures. All pictures available here.

The *adorable* outfit that Mary and Audrey brought for Henry.
Cute outfit with Crocs!

We kept it pretty low-key.
Chillin’ on the porch

We love tacos, and they’re even better with these cool taco holders!
Yummy tacos

Mom and Mom hanging out at Fishmongers.
Mom and Mom

Our usual dinner at Fishmongers. Fishmongers

Granpy LOVED hanging out with Henry. Granpy and Henry

Sweet baby.
Henry Portrait

The whole family. Family Portrait

After Jonathan, Dawn, their kids and Granma visited, Mary and Audrey came next. (The day everyone left, actually!) It was a very relaxing, low-key visit. They were both so good with Henry, it was lovely to have them around.

Here is our visit in pictures. All pictures here.

Audrey, Henry & Mary
Audrey, Henry & Mary

A smile for mommy.
A smile for mommy

Audrey holds Henry
Audrey holds Henry

Audrey entertains Henry
Audrey entertains Henry

Henry’s kangaroo pouch
Henry’s Kangaroo Pouch

Artsy pic by Audrey

Audrey and Billy
Audrey and Henry

Family Photos

And now for some more posed family photos.

The whole famdamly
Group photo

Granma Q, Henry, Granma Jo, Jonah, & Nolan
Granma Q, Granma Jo, Henry, Nolan and Jonah

Granma Q and Henry
Granma Q and Henry

Nolan, Henry & Jonah
Nolan, Henry and Jonah

Granma Q, Henry & Granma Jo
Granma Q, Henry and Granma Jo

Jonah and Granma Jo
Jonah and Granma Jo

We had a big family visit last week. My brother, his awesome wife and their two kids came from Oregon to visit, and my granma drove down from Virginia Beach. And of course, my mom lives here so she didn’t have to travel to join in the festivities. As an added bonus, my great-uncle and aunt were also able to drop by for a visit.

We had an absolute blast with the kids and the family! I won’t bore you with details, but here are some favorite candid shots. For all of those who were here, you’ll receive a disc with all the photos from the weekend just as soon as we’re able.

Nolan and Henry

Paddle Boats at Pullen

Pullen Carousel

out like a light

Jonah and Granma Jo

Lunch at the Saucer

Granma and Henry

Betty, Granma and Denny

Jonathan and Dawn

Lots of food and lots of presents, that’s the way the Dickens Christmas rolls.

The presents stack up as family arrives
Pile o

The kids have a ball opening their presents
The kids open their presents

Audrey with Grandma
Audrey with Grandma

More Browns gear for the baby
Browns outfits for the baby

Aside from the Browns gear we scored for the baby, Dave got a Baby Bjorn and I got this amazingly soft and beautiful throw that Amber was coveting.

It was another great Christmas!
Family Portrait 2007

Some shots from our first day in Cleveland, hanging with the kids at Kevin and Mary’s.

Audrey and Kate


Aunt Jeni with Audrey

The MOST adorable photo of Carson ever!

It almost looks like she likes me!

Then off to lunch at Skyline. I skipped the three-way and had three cheese coneys instead. YUM. An acquired taste, for sure, but oh-so-yummy!! It’s total chaos when we descend upon Skyline.

Cheese Coneys

The afternoon was spent lounging around – several people dozed off while viewing The Pink Panther.
Couch dozing

Then Kevin and Mary and Dave and I went to dinner while Mom and Dad babysat.
Mary and Kevin at dinner

A great day in Cleveland!

A nice quiet Christmas morning for Dave and I. Our last quiet Christmas, I’m predicting.

Dave got a book of genius Sudoku puzzles, a Bruce Springsteen CD, an indoor/outdoor weather station, and some cute boxers. I got two Pink Martini CDs, a book of Sci-Fi-inspired baby names, and a fabulous new digital camera!!! I love love love it and I’m so excited to stop using my crappy old HP.

Mom and Gene came over for Christmas dinner in the afternoon. Mom bought us this insanely large standing rib roast – almost 11 1/2 pounds! For those of you in the know, it appeared to include all seven ribs. It took 4 1/4 hours to cook.
Prepping the Roast

It was delish!! We had it with roasted vegetables and some tasty asparagus.
Dinner served

Ha, but was Mom disappointed when I served her after-dinner coffee in one of our new Browns mugs!
Browns Coffee Mug

Mom got me two pairs of crocs, one black and one brown. Not really something I thought I’d want, but my feet are growing and I’m thinking slip-ons are the way to go since I can’t see my feet and I’m starting to not be able to reach them.

Dave got a 6-month membership to the Brew-of-the-Month club. I also got a cute Geek Inside shirt and the baby got a Geekling onesie.
Geek Inside


Mom got a massage gift certificate and Gene got a book by Lou Dobbs. Mom got Gene this fabulous back massager/heat pad that he can put in his recliner. All in all, we made out like bandits!!

Merry Christmas!

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