Grandparents Visit

A week and a half later, Dave’s folks came to hang out with Henry for a week. It was SO awesome to have them around. I had lots of opportunity to go shopping and generally get some “me time.” It was AWESOME and I love his folks for taking such good care of us and Henry.

Anyway, here is their visit in pictures. All pictures available here.

The *adorable* outfit that Mary and Audrey brought for Henry.
Cute outfit with Crocs!

We kept it pretty low-key.
Chillin’ on the porch

We love tacos, and they’re even better with these cool taco holders!
Yummy tacos

Mom and Mom hanging out at Fishmongers.
Mom and Mom

Our usual dinner at Fishmongers. Fishmongers

Granpy LOVED hanging out with Henry. Granpy and Henry

Sweet baby.
Henry Portrait

The whole family. Family Portrait

  1. Cristin’s avatar

    I love Dave’s parents too. Ya’ll are such a cute family. Esp with the newest addition;)

  2. Monica’s avatar

    I love your outfit! Very pretty!!!!! Henry is still as cute as can be!
    P.S. Thank you, again, for the wonderful worm dirt!!!

  3. Ally’s avatar

    covet skirt

  4. admin’s avatar

    Thank you both!! I chose to wear this outfit today on my first day back at work because I feel so pretty in it.