Clan Q: Westcoast to the Eastcoast!

We had a big family visit last week. My brother, his awesome wife and their two kids came from Oregon to visit, and my granma drove down from Virginia Beach. And of course, my mom lives here so she didn’t have to travel to join in the festivities. As an added bonus, my great-uncle and aunt were also able to drop by for a visit.

We had an absolute blast with the kids and the family! I won’t bore you with details, but here are some favorite candid shots. For all of those who were here, you’ll receive a disc with all the photos from the weekend just as soon as we’re able.

Nolan and Henry

Paddle Boats at Pullen

Pullen Carousel

out like a light

Jonah and Granma Jo

Lunch at the Saucer

Granma and Henry

Betty, Granma and Denny

Jonathan and Dawn

  1. stew’s avatar

    I recognize that table!

    Also: Pullen Park. How’d you get such good light in that dark, slightly creepy, yet gorgeous carousel?

  2. Cristin’s avatar

    So much fun. The boys are getting BIG! Glad everyone got together with the newest Q.

    PS: Granma = Cutiepatootey!