Mary and Audrey Visit

After Jonathan, Dawn, their kids and Granma visited, Mary and Audrey came next. (The day everyone left, actually!) It was a very relaxing, low-key visit. They were both so good with Henry, it was lovely to have them around.

Here is our visit in pictures. All pictures here.

Audrey, Henry & Mary
Audrey, Henry & Mary

A smile for mommy.
A smile for mommy

Audrey holds Henry
Audrey holds Henry

Audrey entertains Henry
Audrey entertains Henry

Henry’s kangaroo pouch
Henry’s Kangaroo Pouch

Artsy pic by Audrey

Audrey and Billy
Audrey and Henry

  1. Cristin’s avatar

    When did you rename Billy? hehe

    Cute pics. I esp love the one of Henry smiling at you. Lurf.

  2. admin’s avatar

    D’oh! Fixed.