Wonderful Massage!!

I had a wonderful massage tonight! I went to see Laura Landsiedel at Hands on Health because my back has been sore since our trip to Chicago in September. I like to see Meridith normally, but she wasn’t available (sorry Meri!) so I made an appointment with Laura because I know she rocks!

I had forgotten that Tuesdays and Thursdays offer a special treat at Hands on Health – Mocha accompanies Laura on all her visits! I hadn’t met Mocha before so it was great! What a sweet dog, so calm and loving and soft to pet!!

I had a great massage, a nice deep tissue, medical massage that I think really relaxed my back muscles. I am hoping I’m cured, or nearly there.

Mocha spent the entire session lying quietly at the foot of the bed, looking much like this:
If you’re looking for a massage therapist, go see Meridith or Laura!