Dave comes home today, and Amy arrives this evening. Ali will be here tomorrow. Super excited about having Dave back home and my fun company, as well.

What have I done to prepare for their arrival? The house is impeccable! The cleaners came this week and I’ve also done the following:

  • changed all the bed linens, washed and put up the old bed linens
  • changed all the towels, washed and put up the old towels
  • steam cleaned the carpets where the cats pooped
  • changed the litter boxes so they’re fresh as a daisy
  • vacuumed the living room furniture
  • washed all the downstairs throw rugs
  • evacuated several mice from the garage
  • cleaned out my car, vacuumed it and washed the windows

Everything’s looking very nice. Now I just hope the cats don’t have a kegger this morning and ruin it all.

  1. Sean’s avatar

    Good Job! It’s also comforting to know that Milo isn’t the only cat who poops on the floor. Lil hoser does it right outside is litterbox.

  2. Monica’s avatar

    Hmmm, it sounds like someone is in nesting mode to me.

  3. Cristin’s avatar

    ^ Agreed! I thought that came at the very end of the pregnancy. haha

  4. admin’s avatar

    I don’t think this is nesting, but who knows.