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With a guy who works in another office in my building

MS: That looks good. What’s in it?
JQ: Noodles. Vegetables. Tofu.
MS: {wrinkles brow} Are you a vegetarian?
JQ: No, I just drive a Forester.
MS: {laughs}
JQ: I’m not gay, either.



Look what I saw on the way to dinner!! Read the previous post about this license plate.

Here’s one from the Small World department. Last night Kerri called me up to go grab a beer and some dinner. We debated our choices. Lynnwood was out because they were rude to Ker. O’Malley’s was out because it’s just too smoky. Dos Taquitos was closed. And Ben’s Place was out because 1) Kerri went there on Saturday and 2) there is a total tool of a waiter who works there. He is so annoying that I decided we should just avoid the place. We ended up going to Rudino’s Rooftop.

We walked out onto the patio and it was quite crowded. As we milled, looking for a seat, two guys sitting at a large table offered us a seat at the table. There weren’t a lot of options so we sat down…with the waiter from Ben’s Place. Ha! Luckily, he left after another beer. Obnoxious and drunk, what a lovely combination.

Towards the end of the night, we ended up talking with this 7 foot tall guy. His nickname is, not surprisingly, Lurch. I can’t believe I didn’t have my camera. His license plate is a Hurricane’s vanity plate, so it has the little Hurricanes symbol on the left. On the right, it says 1LUR and the two small characters that designate the tag type are CH. Ha! How clever. If you don’t quite get it, you will the next time you see a Carolina Hurricanes vanity plate.

For Robbie…

Mr. Elvis?

What’s up with this guy?
North Carolina is having a license tag makeover! A recently instituted program has been initiated and the oldest tags on the road are slowly being replaced with the new tags, which feature red letters rather than blue letters. Learn more here.

Most important to remember: “Owners will be encouraged to take their old plates to license plate agencies for recycling, keeping them out of landfills.” So don’t be lame and throw your old license plate in the trash!

Here are a few examples I’ve seen on the road recently:

Speaking of license plates, I’ve seen two watermelon license plates on the road since I got mine – have you seen any?


Is this a joke? Does anyone actually go to University of Phoenix online, and if they did, would they advertise?

Dave and I got new license plates this year, rather than just renewing our old plates.

I looked through the available choices and just had to have this one:

I couldn’t believe this option was available. I’ve never seen it on the road before and I love how unique it is. Sweet!! (pun intended)

Dave got a Blue Ridge Parkway license plate. It costs an extra $30 but $20 of that goes to the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation so, cool.

Replacing license plates should be a 10 minute job. Not today. Mine was quick and easy but Dave’s was not and required a trip to Lowe’s.

His BMW has a bracket that affixes to the car, and the license attaches to the bracket. The license attaches to the bracket by way of four screws pockets built into the bracket. They contain threads appropriate for the screws and have a cushion on the back that prevents the paint from being damaged by the screw tips.

The screw pockets had aged and did not stay in the bracket when I tried to remove the screws – I took out three of the screw pockets along with the screws. You can see this in the left side of the picture below. The right side shows the only screw that came out properly.

So I had to improvise. I forced the fourth screw pocket out of the bracket and then I glued new screw pockets in place. I glued bumpers on the back sides to replace the worn-out cushions. I also had to buy new screws to fit the new, smaller screw pockets.

It worked really well! Here’s the finished product.

A close-up of the new screw pockets in place (on either side):

A close-up of the bumper:

Saw this on the highway – very speedy little chap, so it was hard to snap the photo.


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