Shopping for anything

Jenny came over around noon and we hit the Saucer for lunch and beers. Jenny took advantage of the Fire Sale and had a North Carolina pint and I tried a Bell’s Two Hearted Pale Ale on her recommendation. Tasty! Then we headed to Father & Sons Antiques. I’m sad to say I had to return the record player we had bought. There is something wrong with it, and I think it would cost too much to fix it.
I did buy a fabulous polyester dress that will be perfect for a Christmas party, though! It is not pictured. Instead, below you will see some amazing frock we found – what’s up with that little funny part in the front!?

We bought a coffee table at Ikea!! Check it out.

Our fancy coffee table that is perfect for jigsaw puzzles came in a big flat cardboard box!! We haven’t gotten a cat in the lower part of the table yet…

I met Kerri at the flea market this morning and ended up making a bit of a day of it. I bought a few purses and a few records: T.S. Elliot Reads His Poems and Robert Frost Reads His Poems.
We ate lunch, along with a bottle of wine, at Vic’s in the City Market and then perused Father & Son Antiques. I bought a nice bright green Tupperware canister there.

Now that I think about it, we should have bought a case of these. I mean, how priceless can you get? They were only $1 apiece. They’re labeled as “Squeezable Mimi Balls” but we all know what they really are. The best part is the warning label on the box: Do not hit with bat!

Shoes, anyone?

I listed some used Danskos on Ebay. They were the wrong size. Don’t get too grossed out, they have new insoles so they’re not funky.

I love my Danskos. I have 4 pairs. I want more, so I’m selling this pair.

I hope someone buys them!

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