Saturday Night Christmas Parties

I love Christmas parties. You get all dolled up and see all your friends and everyone gets along swimmingly, even if it’s been ages since you’ve last seen them.

On Saturday, we had two parties to go to. Will and Ele, my newfound friends, invited us to their annual Chili and Beer party. Meridith and Marty also hosted their first ever party in their house. Dave got inspired and made cookies for us at the last minute, and I took about 30 minutes to make my spectacular Holiday Guacamole for Meri’s party.
Saturday we went first to Will and Ele’s. I was a little nervous because I knew we’d be meeting a ton of new people, but everyone was very nice and I was so glad we went. Will and Ele are so nice, great hosts and they seem like a lot of fun. The only weird part was what to say when people asked “So, how do you know Ele?” Ah well. 🙂

Around 10 we headed over to Meri’s. Karen, Kerri, Kelli, Mark, Beanie and some other people were there. Alissa and Chris showed up as well. They are so cute together. We celebrated Kelli’s graduation from college – she graduated on Saturday from NCCU. I don’t remember exactly what her degree is in, but she’s going to be teaching high school kids! Crazy stuff. Kerri got some people involved in a funny drinking game called Flip Cup – it was really entertaining to watch. Then we played The Name Game. It’s very simple. I say a name, like “John Hancock.” You then have to say a name where the first letter of the first name starts with H. So you say “Hannibal Lecter.” The next person has to use L in the first letter of the first name. Sounds easy, right? It’s hilariously difficult. Plus, you’re supposed to go very quickly so if you sit there with your mouth agape trying desperately to figure out a name, any name, that starts with the letter L, the group will just tell you that your time is up and jump to the next person. It was really funny and I was glad I’d switched out my glass of wine for a cup of water at that point because I kinda sucked at it.

All in all, a great night with new friends and old!

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    I’m glad you guys came! Ha ha – I’ll bet it was fun to answer the “How do you know..” question. BTW – how did you stumble on my blog? I cannot recall…Anyhow, let’s try to get together in the New Year~