Romancing the Stone

My good friend Alba got me an emerald. I am amazed that she did so – the cost, the time, the worry, the getting it to me, wow. I can’t thank her enough for her thoughtfulness and trouble. If it were cut glass, I couldn’t love it more.
Recently, I took my little treasure to Johnson’s Jeweler’s off of Edward’s Mill to have it set. Below are pictures of the setting I choose. I picked yellow gold because it seems truer for an emerald than white gold or platinum. I also liked the scroll detail on the sides – it seems reminiscent of Pre-Colombian art, fitting for my stone. Lastly, I like the partial bezel setting. It’s safer for both me and the emerald.
Side View:

Top View:

  1. <![CDATA[Jeni Q]]>’s avatar

    When I posted this, I was waiting for the setting to come in. When it did arrive, the setting was too large and I had to start looking for a setting all over again.

  2. <![CDATA[Sean]]>’s avatar

    Did you end up finding a setting for your emerald?

    Enquiring minds want to know!

  3. <![CDATA[Jeni Q]]>’s avatar

    Yes I did! Check out this post:
    My Ring!